Curating content is the fastest way to get fresh new content in your blogs! Completely automate the process of content curation!

> Check out the Content Curation Plugin HERE

Curating content is the fastest way to get fresh new content in your blogs and Google loves it!

I just found and bought a brand new WordPress Plugin that is only 27 bucks (until the price goes up) that completely automates the process of finding great related content and curating it so you can post great stuff fast and easy.

I wanted to make sure you knew about this before they raise the price.

This easy to use plugin works on “unlimited” domains with your WordPress blogs and completely automates the process of content curation. You can set up as many automatic, high-value blogs that you desire with just 6 minutes set-up time!

One of the things that Google looks for right now is content and link freshness – this plugin helps you accomplish both!

Don’t let this cool little plugin slip by you! Me – I’m personally installing this on a bunch of my “neglected” blogs as quickly as I can to keep them from going stale!

See the video and all the details on the content curation plugin at

Oh and before I go – if you haven’t yet checked out the Blogging Underground webinar replay video from a couple of weeks ago with the crazy special offer – it’s still up.

Go check it out at: Webinar Replay

The replay video is loaded with tips to get you more traffic! Stop by and check it out if you can!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mar 31st by Mike L

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