Do you have a Tumblr blog yet?

You should! They’re free and you can do almost anything you want with your tumblr blog – even get good links to your web sites from within the articles you post!

I use my main Tumblr blog for my business articles. It’s called Mike Liebner Internet Marketing Tumblr Blog – I also have several others for my different areas of interest.

Pick a good keyword or your name and create your own tumblr blog and you’ll get a subdomain on tumblr if it is still available. My first blog on tumblr was

You can post original content in them – or do what most tumblrs do – reblog.

>>> Here is an example of a reblog – new SEO Plugin

Reblogging is where you find stuff you like on other blogs and then reblog it on your own tumblr blog. Most people seem to reblog without adding anything original, but I always add my own words. At least a few sentences.

You can also put links in your tumblr blog posts – create pages for links (about me etc.) and when you follow other people and reblog their stuff you can get links pointing to your own blogs and posts.

It’s very cool. I’m up to 5 tumblr blogs and from what I can tell there is no limit as to how many you can create.

As far as I can tell Google loves tumblr blogs and if you search you’ll see 619 million pages on tumblr indexed on Google.

I’ve had a tumblr blog for a few years now, but I’ve learned a lot recently, as I have been using tumblr more often which helps you better understand it’s unique strengths.

I’m having fun too! It’s easy tp find a lot of really cool stuff just by looking at peoples blogs and following and exploring.

Everyone seems to be doing. Even the big corparations now have their own tumblr blogs like the CNN Money Watch Tumblr Blog.

Since it’s MICRO blogging it’s very easy to share stuff without the pressure of having to do 400 words for a post. In fact a lot of people simply put up pictures or videos with very few words if any.

You can have one blog or many tumblr blogs.

I find having several niche specific blogs makes it easier to use tumblr for what it is best for – sharing cool interesting stuff fast and easy (reblogging).

I would suggest having a main blog for your primary focus and/or areas of interest (and original stuff).

I post only business and marketing stuff like this micro blog post about duplicate content on my main tumblr blog.

I’d also suggest creating a few individual blogs for stuff that does not fit in your main blog or deserves their own blogs (original stuff and reblogged stuff).

You can link your blogs together if you want.

From what I have found you’ll get more followers if each of your blogs cater to a very specific subject than if you have a catch all blog that servers too wide of a range of topics.

The Tumblr blogs I follow are the ones with a lot of cool stuff in my areas of interest. I run across some awesome stuu you simply would not run into at the typical mainstream sites.

As far as I can tell there is no limit to how many blogs you can create with your Tumblr account.

 Most users I know have several or many. Each one is a subdomain on tumblr.

For the longest time I only had one blog in my account and found it very hard to post to it because it had my name on it and focused on business so I was limited to what was appropriate.

Afte I started a 2nd blog I doscovered how much easier it was to post and reblog.

Having several blogs really opened up more possibilities for me to reblog and share stuff I run across.

 I have been creating more tumblr blogs as I go along.

Part of the fun about tumblr and why it is so successful is that people create these blogs that are about the most unusual subjects.

So after I added a few more blogs I found I was having much more fun and it was easier to reblog and post cool stuff because each blog has it’s own personality.

I’m up to 5 blogs on tumblr right now and as I run into more cool stuff on tumblr that I want to reblog that deserve their own blog I will add more. That way they are focused on the areas that don’t quite fit into my other blogs.

If you don’t yet have a tumblr blog account – go get one – it’s free! Sign up and just explore and have fun. It may take a little time but you’ll figure it out!

Sign up for a free tumblr blog and then be sure to follow my tumblr blog so you can see what I am doing!

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Apr 10th by Mike L


  1. Thanks for letting us know about Tumblr. I have heard of it before but never used it. I have been trying to come up with a plan to build links for my niche sites and I am now thinking after reading this that I should start with Tumblr. At least you can create multiple blogs in different categories. That definitely will help getting targeted traffic? Do they allow affiliate links?

    Mike L

  2. Hey Mike,
    Thanks so much for the post. I had not experienced Tumblr yet and you opened my eyes to a way to do some free blogging. And you’re right, it’s fun. Sometimes I get too caught up in trying to find material for my website, but just talking about it on a blog is really easy…let’s the creative juices start flowing for sure.

    Mike L

  3. Thanks for the article!

    I figure as long large corporations are using tumblr then it should be protected from the Panda bear.

    Mike L

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