Are you monetizing your sites targeted traffic effectively?

Are you building WEB PAGES that Sell?

While it sure feels good to get a top ranking and pull in lots of targeted free traffic from Google – I can tell you it feels even better when your high ranking web page is doing it’s job and is selling stuff so that you’re making money from the traffic!

It’s all about ACTIONS! People taking action is what makes us money –  which is far more important than simply being popular, right?

Do your web pages effectively help your visitors find stuff they want and help them make buying decisions? That’s exactly what a good landing page does!

I have learned a lot from studying PPC Pay Per Click Advertising and in particular designing landing pages to increase ROI. We can learn a lot from how PPC advertisers are creating single focus landing pages/web pages so they get a higher return on investment.

Even though we may be getting search traffic for FREE – if you’re following the Blogging Underground method of targeting “exact match keywords” you are getting traffic that is coming to your pages because they searched for something VERY SPECIFICALLY as in an “exact keyword”!

This is an important concept to grasp!

We’re not just getting ANY OLD traffic – we’re getting highly TARGETED TRAFFIC from people looking for something!

There is no traffic that is better or more valuable than “highly targeted search traffic”!

That’s why PPC advertisers spend so much for a click! They get a targeted visitor!

But we don’t have to pay!

We get this “targeted traffic” for free!

And since our web pages are built to be valuable for specific exact match keywords we have some fantastic opportunities to make money from the targeted vistors! 

It’s very important that we spend time making sure our pages with the highest traffic are set up properly so we can make money from the laser targeted traffic!

You can increase your profits significantly if you think of these pages more like “landing pages” and optimize them to make money from the targeted traffic!

Hey – I’m as guilty as the next guy as I have a lot of new sites that are not yet optimized properly for monetization – or in the case of some of my “temp sites” that I haven’t fleshed out yet – they do not have ANY monetization yet! That’s a big no-no!

At the very least get Adsense on your site or a banner or two that matches your target keywords! But as you’ll see – you’ll make a lot more money if you take this a step further and create pages that help people take action for a very specific ACTION that pays you good money every time they successfully do it!

You can’t make any money unless you are showing ads or have an offer of some kind on your web page that will pay you an affiliate commission or at the very least – collect the lead and get them opted in on a mailing list!

Monetization is covered in greater detail in the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy training, and also in the bonus e-book Nanobloggers from Peter Spaepen (BU members can go to the bonus section and download it now – if you haven’t yet read it – get it now – it’s a monster!)

It’s really important you spend some of your efforts tweaking and optimizing your highest traffic pages so that they are effective at delivering something that the “keyword targeted” visitors will want and will take action for!

Download your bonus in the BU members section and read Nanobloggers – there are some fantastic methods of improving the payout of Adsense clicks and also creating pages that help your visitors take action.

We’ll be doing some additional training and webinars on monetization soon, but for now I wanted to show you an actual example of a web page that is really good at it’s primary purpose of selling web hosting.

It effectively uses what I call the “implied endorsement” technique.

The implied endorsement is where your web page guides the user towards a product you are describing features and benefits for and the page is suggesting it’s high value to them.

You don’t have to come straight out and say “Buy this now! I use it myself and love it more than my cats!” – but instead work the endorsement into the information you are presenting!

You don’t need to be obnoxiou! Be sincere and provide value!

Look at this example of a great landing page and monetization process over his tightly focused site on setting up a web site.

It’s a series of pages designed to get people to buy hosting from the guys affiliate link.

I found this “landing page” by clicking on an Adsense ad that was for “How To Build A Web Site” – (I’m not affiliated with this site in any way by the way – it’s just an example of a good approach).

This is just one way to pre-sell the customer and lead them towards taking an action.

This simple monetization strategy works on any type of site – a blog – on a standard site – anywhere!

1. Provide info on how to do something

2. Give them an option to make it easy for them to take action

The idea is to keep tightly on topic and not distract them. Don’t give them too many options to leave your site. Keep them clicking to pages on your site until it’s time for them to take ACTION!

This approach is not the only way to monetize your site and pages – but I must say I was really impressed with the simple and focused FLOW of his site and the high value of the info he provided!

Clean – simple – concise – friendly – helpful.

We can learn a lot from analyzing this approach.

You’ll make more money from the traffic you get IF you create something special and give them what they are looking for and make it easy for them to TAKE ACTION!

Help your visitor learn more about what they were searching for and then make it easy for them to find a solution ON YOUR SITE and guide them towards taking the action so you get paid!

This is just like a good landing page for PPC! Don’t let any distraction get in the way. Stay as close as you can on guiding the visitor towards the desired action!

Well – I hope you found this article helpful!

Now get out there and make some money from all that targeted traffic you’re getting!

May 28th by Mike L


  1. Hi Mike, you always give useful tips. As a relative starer, I thing we can gain a lot from your experience. I get a rather “decent” traffic to one of my websites and a particular page has between 100 and 120 unique visitors daily but around 2 to 3 sales weekly. I guessed I have been doing something wrong. It must be the landing page.

    Either I seem too aggressive and scare people away or I am not targeting the real “buying keywords”. People come alright but it seems that very few people are enthusiastic to hit the button and go to the vendor site.

    I just started a new site for split testing just to see the effects of minor changes that may make a difference.

    Thanks Mike, you have always been a source of great tips.

    I will

    Mike L

  2. You do make some great points here. I have a problem with using my website as an add for selling products although I thought that was what we are using for in the long run. I really like and the way it is being used here. Could be something to give a try. Thanks.

    Mike L

  3. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but to say “You can’t make any money unless you are showing ads…” I can’t agree with. If you have a website that is selling an actual product, ads can be a real turn off to customers. They came to your site from a targeted keyword phrase to buy your product, not click on an ad.

    Mike L

  4. this is a good idea and i have liked it.


    Mike L

  5. Nice Post Mike never stope learning from you!

    Mike L

  6. I have had websites that I put a lot of effort into and was able to get traffic but just couldn’t make sales. When I look at them now I admit that I wouldn’t buy from them either. Now I am learning from BU how to build landing pages the right way and hope to start making more sales very soon.

    Mike L

  7. HAving people come to your site is a good first step – but the landing page needs to convince them to do something :’> Also – if the keyword is not targeted enough to the action you want them to take yu need to find better keywords :’>

    Mike L

  8. Hi Mike,you are always correct. I started a website 2 months back. getting some unique traffic. not bad for a newbie like me.still i did not start monetizing. i will start now. thanks

    Mike L

  9. Thank you for another excellent article. Where else may just anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect approach of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the search for such information.

    Mike L

  10. Join Blogging Underground. It is the answer to almost everything that ails us. :’>

    Mike L

  11. I have a few websites which I got some traffice, but I could not make any sales from them. I am a newbie to marketing. I am a little stressed out. I gave up for awhile not I am back and I want to learn how to make money using your system.

    Mike L

  12. Really useful information here on a call to action.

    In regards to keywords, does Google read reversed words as the same? eg is Article Underground read as Underground Article?

    Mike L

  13. No one knows except the guy that programmed the algo :’>

    I suspect they both count at least a little but most likely have other factors attached.

    The short answer is yes but who knows how it counted.

    Please read the new article on keyword density and diversity

    Mike L

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