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Jul 29th by Mike L

OK – I understand that a lot of bloggers and professional writers would rather focus on the content they are writing and publishing, and not worry about the backlinks.

But being aware of the SEO stuff you can do while writing can make or break a website. And to be honest – some techniques are so easy and so rewarding they really shouldn’t be passed by.

zzz-linksContextual backlinks for example!

Placing links within article content can be amazingly effective! Both EXTERNAL and INTERNAL LINKS!

Ahhhhhh…. internal too? I get it!

Yes – contextual links to related articles that point to URL’s internally can really help! Sure – a related posts plugin isn’t a bad idea – but it’s even better to have links with single words or two words within an article that are different from the TITLE LINKS that already appear a zillion times.

Sometimes when you have a lot of something – such as in EXACT SAME TITLE LINKS repeated on site and off in RSS Feeds etc. – you need some good simple contextual links with only a word or two to offset the large volume of exact same links througout your site and anywhere your RSS Feed is published.

Is it worth the extra effort? YES! And it’s really not that hard or time consuming to work in links while you write or after you complete an article – or better yet to save time use a relevant PLR Article.


SPECIAL OFFER: Post in the Blogging Underground Network of Blogs – and get a huge stash of articles you can use to post fast and easy!

Because of the way that Google likes to reward sites for doing things it likes, it is really important that anyone who wants more free search traffic from their blogs and articles are aware that having links – both internal and external – within the content in your articles can help you get better rankings.

So if you are a writer, editor, blogger or business person putting up articles – make sure you include some good text links within the content!

If you’re trying to boost your rankings or bring a site back up that has taken a dive – start working on getting more links within the content you have control over! On your own site and if you have a Blogging Underground membership – use our blogs to post articles to get contextual links!

Even after the latest updates one of the most effective ways to get Google to love your pages and rank them high for keywords that bring people, is to have a good variety of keyword text links pointing at them with your most important target keywords!

The best links should be coming from pages with relevant content. The text links should be within the content – in the sentences and paragraphs. Websites that do this usually are at the top of Google.

If you don’t believe me – take a look at the top 10 for one of your target keywords – I bet there are sites ranking on page one that have a policy of generously linking their own pages internally and if you analyze the URL’s that are ranking I bet they also have lots of good text links within relevant related content as I suggested that come from external sites

This is how you can get your sites to rank. Seriously. Do this kind of linking more often and your pages will rise in the rankings.

On your own site – make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to put LINKS within your articles pointing to pages on your own site (internal links).

I’m not just talking about bare text links with your keywords in them – but rather keyword text links that are surrounded by relevant words on a relevant page. In a sentence is always better.

Google has gotten hip to people dropping in text links in footers and sidebars – mostly using plugins and automated scripts – and they know it is harder to work in the text link within a paragraph of related content.

They reward you for this when you do it!

For example – just putting a Text Link anywhere on the page or on your site may give you a little link juice for that keyword – BUT – you’d get even more LINK JUICE if that text link had a few words in front of it and behind it – like in a sentence.

Here – something like this could give you extra link juice compared to a bare text link in the footer or sidebar or even in the middle of a page.

Like dis…

To make sure your website has the best search engine optimization techniques you should study the backlinking diagram I made that shows how to link a WordPress website.

That kind of link is far more effective than just a link without words surrounding it.

WordPress hosting

I mean hey – it’s better than a poke in the eye with a stick – but we need to be aware that Google is looking at more than JUST the words in the link text – they want to see if there are OTHER relevant words close by. If there are the link is more likely to be genuine and valuable.

Too many spammers are lazy and just bombard every chance they can with a simple plain bare text link – that’s too easy!

This has been the case for a long time – but with the most recent updates by Google it appears they are perhaps even PENALIZING people that have too many BARE LINKS. SO you must make sure if you do any linking campaigns or have people doing linking work for you that you get a good variety of link text and make sure that you have as many CONTEXTUAL LINKS within content/articles as you can to offset any penalties for spammy links.

Every place you have control over the links you should be doing CONTEXTUAL LINKS WITHIN THE CONTENT! Every chance (just be sensible and avoid patterns of course!).

Where can you do this?

Well – on your own site – within your own content – work in text links in sentences where the word already appears every chance you can – just make sure that it looks legit and makes sense. If you see a word in an article that relates to another article on the site – link it using that word!

And in other places where you can post articles and work in a text link or two, make sure you put the links in sentences within the content. It can be one word – 2 words or even link a longer segment or even a complete sentence.

As long as the link text is related and not a repeated pattern found elsewhere it will help!

Google loves text links within the content that point to pages that are RELATED!

That is why posting articles in The Blogging Underground network of blogs is so effective!

The algos favor links in sentences and paragraphs over plain bare links by themselves. Both may help you – but there is a significant boost from having LINKS that are in the content. This is referred to as contextual backlinks within related content.

These kinds of links will give you a boost if you are linking INTERNALLY and also if you are linking EXTERNALLY.

So – if you want to push your pages UP the rankings – you need to be doing what works! Back off on the plain bare text links and start working on getting more contextual backlinks within related articles! On site and off!

AVOID SPAMMY BEHAVIOR – ie – plain text links in sidebars, footers etc. – too many text links with the same link text – links that seem out of place and do not match the content on the page (unrelated links) – and patterns that look spammy.

DO MORE OF THIS – get more links within articles with related keywords – mix up the words in the links (good link variety) – and when possible make sure you get some links from unique content (rewrite plr articles – create original articles or use spun content that is readable)

Follow these backlinking tips and you should do just fine!

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I hope that helps puts things in perspective!

Oct 23rd by Mike L

This is the first video in a new series of videos on linking.

How To Get The Perfect Links - SERIES - 854x480

Watch “The Perfect Text Link” Video

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner and I have a little holiday surprise for you!

A new video from my linking tips series and a special deal on Blogging Underground!

This is the first video in my planned series of 29 quick and to the point linking tips videos.

> Linking Tips

If you want Google to know what your web pages are about you need to have text links with your keywords in them pointing at the pages!

That’s what Google wants and if you want to be successful and rank above the competition you need to have some good links for your site!

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Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Jul 03rd by Mike L

BU Q: Are there limits to how often can I post articles in the BU blogs?

Our blog posting rules help keep the Blogging Underground blogs at their optimum levels of effectiveness.

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner and I thought I would share a little info I just provided to a prospective member and also drop the secret deal URL on you so you can join Blogging Underground and save a lot of money.


As long as you’re sensible about how you do it, you can still build brand new websites and get a lot of traffic by doing the right things!

Despite all the changes over the past few years and the panic messages proclaiming that “SEO is dead”, it is still extremely effective to get more traffic and top rankings from posting articles that have links pointing to your web pages.

It’s a well know fact that the BU Network of Blogs are closely monitored by myself and by members to make sure the value of the links are high so we can get the maximum results from publishing our articles.

With over 200 blogs of all types and topics, spread out on servers all over the world, Blogging Underground members can achieve some pretty amazing results by posting articles in our network.

I was just asked a few questions and thought it’d be smart to share the answers with you.

The prospective member was interested in joining Blogging Underground, but first wanted to know if they could post articles with links pointing at their local business websites, and also link out to affiliate offers. They also wanted to know how often they could post.

I’m happy to answer, but these questions and more are covered in great detail in both the BU FAQ and the “Blog Posting Rules”. (see links below)

Yes – you can post your articles in any of the blogs and pretty much point the LINKS anywhere you want, provided the content you link to is FAMILY FRIENDLY and is RELEVANT to what the article content is about.

The main thing is that we want the person reading the blog post and clicking the links to feel satisfied and not think they were tricked.

You get up to 2 links in each article you publish in our blogs and the links can be anywhere in the article you want – top – middle – bottom and you can even use KEYWORD LINK ANCHOR TEXT within the content itself, although you are welcome to do the standard stuff like ‘click here” or put the domain name or URL in the link or just do an author bio credit.

Since BU members have direct access to post their articles in the blogs using our “Blog Post Utility” there is a great amount of control over how you can format the article and insert your links. Do it your way!

Text links with your keywords in them are very effective and still work like magic! You just need to make sure you have some overall diversity and don’t link like a robot to get the best results. I suggest varying the link text so not all links are the same for example.

Your links could go to any of a number of places, possibly including links to:

• Your main “money sites” home pages or “inside pages”

• Your “feeder sites” (the links that point at your money sites – ie backlink your backlinks – very effective by the way!)

• Affiliate offers and/or products or services offered for sale.

• Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress or any page you want to give an extra boost to.

The general idea is that as long as your article provides value to readers and your links don’t take the readers to spam, viruses, adult material or something illegal, you should be fine.

Also – some people have asked if it is possible to add the nofollow tag to links in the BU blogs and the answer is yes – simply add rel=”nofollow” to the link text when you post. It’s that easy and you can nofollow 1 or both links in a post.

Also – as long as you are a member you can freely go back and edit your posts. That way you can update or change links or information in the articles if you want to.

Posting your articles and getting links is very easy. We show you how in the members training materials.

If you are interested in joining Blogging Underground at a special price, we have a secret offer HERE

If you more info on the blog posting rules, I suggest you visit the BLOG POSTING RULES page:

You will also find lots of great questions and answers at the FAQ page.

I hope you’ll consider joining Blogging Underground! Our strategy works!

Best wishes for your online success!

P.S. If you have any questions or need help – please send a support ticket to me at:

I am always happy to answer questions and offer assistance.

Feb 07th by Mike L

Linking Tips for Brand New Domains

Do you need to worry about the keywords used in the anchor text on brand new domains?

I was just asked by a Blogging Underground member who was following the 12 Step Success Strategy Training about how to link a brand new site and whether we should VARY the first links that are coming in so the link text is not all the same.

My response is different depending on whether the domain name has the keyword phrase in it or not.

Is it an exact keyword domain (aka exact match domain)

If your domain is something like:

Then your MAIN TARGET keyword should be WordPress SEO Tips

If it is an exact match domain you should initially be linking to establish the main target keyword for the home page and domain name.

You actually want to start off with a high % of exact keywords in the links. It’s natural.

IF it is an exact match domain!

I’d say 3 out of 4 OR even 4 out of 4 for the example above – WordPress SEO Tips is good to start for a the domain – since the domain name is the EXACT KEYWORD.

On a new site it’s NATURAL to link to the exact keyword of a domain name.

It is NOT natural to link a KEYWORD that is NOT the domain name.

If your domain name is NOT the keyword – then you shouldn’t do it 4 out of 4.

That is NOT natural.

For the most part if you are using exact keyword domains, I don’t think it is necessary to worry about link text variations on a new site until you have a higher number of links coming in.

Just make sure you try to stay away from doing any one thing 100%

4 out of 4 is nothing to worry – 9 out of 10 is nothing to worry about – but 40 out of 40 is a pattern that will stick out like a sore thumb!

as more links are coming in you increase the variety and you start to include more different keyword targets. Add an extra work. Shuffle the order of the link text.

For an exact keyword domain that is brand new and getting it’s first links I’d keep it tight and do a HIGHER % of “exact keywords” for the first 10 or so links coming in.

8 or 9 out of 10 with the exact keyword in the domain sounds about right.

Then as you get on the first page for your traget keyword and start moving up, you can mix in a few more links that are variations (extra word etc.)

Now – you may start to drop in ranking initially when this happens – but it should level out over time and you’ll move back up as all the pages with links come in and start to get crawled and indexed.

Once you get a large number of links coming in, you will need a better overall variety of text links- including some links with anchor text that are not so good…

Less than ideal links with text such as click here for ZZZ, Visit at etc

It’s only natural for a site to get links that are NOT PERFECT.


PLUS as you get more than a handful of links coming in you will need a natural mix of different link types.

I’d say when you start to get more than 20 links coming in you should make sure at least a few are coming in that are nofollow links such as those from bookmark sites and from social sites like pinterest, facebook, twitter etc.

As a site becomes established the patterns start to be revealed more and more.

The patterns will show when you hit a CRITICAL MASS of lots of text links coming in.

We don’t know the exact number, but it’s pretty clear with the newest algo changes they do expect variety and reward for it!

Now – what about if a domain does NOT have the keyword in it?

Well – in that case you need to be more careful and make sure you do not have too many links coming in that are NOT in domain name.

It’s natural for keywords in domains to be in the link text – it is less COMMON for text links to a home page that are NOT in the domain name.

If your brand new domain is something like and you are linking heavy for WordPress SEO Tips and nothing else – well you might just get in trouble pretty quick and get flagged as an “evil doer” and have little chance at ever ranking for that keyword until the ratios are more natural which could take a long time to correct (if you even figure it out!)!

So – the moral of the story is – that the 12 Step Success Strategy Training here at Blogging Underground suggests going for EXACT KEYWORD DOMAINS for a good reason.

Exact Keyword Domains are easier to get to rank for the keywords in the domain!

And we focus on doing what is the easiest! You’ll get on top faster and stay there longer if you get an exact keyword domain and follow the training here at Blogging Underground!

This stuff works! It still works and will continue to work!

More info and a special $99. offer for Blogging Underground can be found HERE

Dec 12th by Mike L

    A Very Important Concept