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I just got an email from a former member asking if links in our blogs still work after all the updates and changes.


Yes. The right kind of links are still very helpful to get your pages to rank higher.

Blogging Underground can help you get a really good mix of links fast and easy!

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One of the secret tactics that Blogging Underground members use to boost rankings is “backlinking their backlinks“!

It is very powerful to post articles on the BU blogs and LINK to the PAGES on other sites (we call them feeder sites) that are LINKING to your pages. You will make those links more powerful by linking them!

You see almost all links are good – but if those pages with the links have links pointing at them – the link juice you’ll get is even stronger!

And since very few people bother to backlink their backlinks you’ll gain a huge advantage!

Why not make all your LINKS powerful for the max impact? Link them too!

Your pages will benefit from having more good links pointing at them. That’s how link juice is boosted!

Links are better when they have more links pointing at them!

So – yes – getting the right kind of links such as those in our blogs can help you get more targeted traffic by ranking higher!

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May 27th by Mike L

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Aug 29th by Mike L

The last thing you should ever stop doing is DOING WHAT WORKS! Don’t stop!

I just wanted to write a quick article about the most recent highly publicized Google search engine updates, as well as discuss the newest “rules” publicly announced in press releases and such.

First off – I just want to report that me personally – my sites rankings and traffic have NOT changed. I did not get hammered by the changes. Then again I am pretty careful and personally feel I am a very ethical publisher with good quality content all around!

Don’t let them scare you! Do not let them bully you!

If your sites are good and you promote them by getting targeted traffic from good quality articles and press releases, you should continue doing what works to get more traffic!

Stopping what works is not smart!

Despite all the articles and emails from people saying how things have changed, I honestly have not seen any of my pages that have been ranking for my main target keywords change. No drops!

From what I have been reading on the popular webmaster and search engine sites, I would expect all kinds of tragedy to be hitting – but everything I have evaluated is the same or better, and members have been telling me the same, so you may want to take what’s being written out there with a grain of salt!

Make sure you look and see if you have been impacted yourself before you buy into the scare tactics!

So what has changed?

Well – from what I hear Google is supposedly cracking down on press releases with links and also getting stricter about guest posts with links.

They have added some new rules to their webmaster resources.

Unless you like to be dominated and told what to do by someone I’d suggest not paying any attention to the changes and keep doing what you’re doing if you have been getting good results.

While they may not want us to get the kind of links that can get our pages to rank higher – the fact is the tactics they are getting pushy about are working.

Press releases are still very powerful and links in them have a lot of weight!

Also – articles on blogs that have keyword text links are extremely effective at guiding the rankings and keywords that our pages will get traffic for.

Personally I think unless you are linking to keywords that do NOT represent the content that visitors will find you are within your rights to use KEYWORDS that INDICATE what people will find.

If your page is about “webmaster sofware” then it is perfectly normal to link using that text. It will help you get targeted traffic and people will find what they are looking for.

And if the page that is linked ranks high for your keyword and people click the search listings, they will be satisfied to find what they are looking for.

As long as you are not tricking them or just spamming with unrelated links it is perfectly acceptable to use good link text. That’s what good SEO is all about. It works.

They would rather you didn’t do anything to promote your sites other than buy advertising from them.

Do not let their blow hard bullying tactics scare you into stopping you from doing what works. It’s not spam to post good articles and link your sites in them using relevant keywords!

It’s good publishing  – it’s not illegal!

If you obey and stop doing link exchanges, linking in press releases and articles – then that will hurt you.

I suggest you do what will get you more traffic and try not to be a servant to a master that really has no intention of rewarding for you following their rules.

They want to scare you into being an obedient webmaster and do ONLY what they want you to do. That just is not smart.

Links in articles and press releases work! Everyone does this! Your competitors are doing this and they won’t stop.

The only people that will stop doing this are the people who are afraid of Google.

Don’t be afraid to do the SEO stuff that works.

Post your articles in blogs!

Oh – by the way… I have been adding some really great new “all topics” blogs into the Blogging Underground network of blogs.

Members have access to post articles in some really excellent topic specific and all topics blogs that have categories for almost every imagineable topic!

If you want relevant targeted traffic – post your articles in our blogs!

Of course we still have lots of TOPIC SPECIFIC BLOGS, both in house and contributed by members – so you’ll get a nice mix of articles you use our Blog Post Utility and post in the network!

Start planting your seeds now!

Happy linking everyone! Summer is almost half over and that means the big money from back to school and Halloween and Fall weather is just around the corner!

Marketer Friendly – almost free WordPress blogs!

Best wishes for your online success!

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Jul 31st by Mike L

The Google Penguin Update affected a lot of websites. The web is interconnected so the impact was far and wide.

Did you lose some links pointing to your sites?


Everybody was connected in some way to sites that were removed from the Google index. It’s simply a matter of rebuilding some of what you lost to get back to where you were and eventually back on top.

If your site is still indexed you do NOT need to start all over again!

Yes – we may have had some losses. It happens. The truth is that while you may have seen some rankings drop – you can get back on top.

I hope this explanation will inspire you and help you get back into the groove – instead of wallowing in despair, like too many people are doing.

There is HOPE!

How do I know??? I talk to a lot of people who are still actively involved in getting top rankings on Google.

Not everybody is giving up.

A lot of folks are seeing great results simply by doing some of the same things they were doing before – getting good quality relevant links!

Now granted – we may have new quality concerns – but that is an easy challenge to win. Just focus on better quality on your web site!

Some people fear that Google no longer wants small guys to succeed. It’s hard to disagree with that because right now the main effect of what they did seems to be favoring the biggest sites and corporations.

Yes the recent Penguin Algo Update from Google is currently favoring it’s favorite friends the BIG CORPORATIONS, GOVERNEMENT AGENCIES, Amazon, Wikipedia and of course big brands and GIANT AD SPENDERS.

The immediate impact of Penguin has initially made it harder for small guys to compete – but I do believe as things settle – the opportunities for all of us will improve. They are NOT gone! 

What is going on right now is mainly a result of a lot of websites LOSING BACKLINKS.

Yes the adjustments in the ranking factors and algos that seem to be associated with social signals and “authority” are also playing a part – for sure – but face it – when you lose LINKS you usually drop in rankings.

It doesn’t mean top rankings are out of reach for the small guys, but there is certainly a game of catch up in effect.

Smaller sites now have to get more “good quality” links to get up next to the big guys.

That big house cleaning thing that happened in late March 2012 that removed MANY websites out of the Google index had a huge impact and still does.

Sites lost backlinks.

All those backlinks that were helping a lot of sites rank are NOW OUT OF THE EQUATION. Not all of them – but a lot!

That’s why many sites FELL! That’s why many SMALLER sites fell.

Not because the sites were penalized – but because THEY lost links.

In some cases sites lost a LOT of links.

Links help you rank higher.

When you take them away sometyhing happens… YOU DROP!

So we LOST a lot of sites that were giving us links. Yes that hurts – but we STILL CAN get more fresh new links from sites that are still indexed. That WILL help!

The backlinks that are gone are LOSSES for those who owned them, and also for those of us who had sites that were CONNECTED in some way, but we can’t focus on the losses – we need to focus on getting more links and get more gains.

The alleged “webspam” sites that were de-indexed by Google, and removed from the index had an effect all across the web, as many “legitimate web sites” were ALSO connected in some way by links to those de-indexed sites.

It’s just that impact was greater on SMALLER SITES.

BIGGER SITES were affected but they had more of a “reserve” so to speak… so they actually moved up when others moved down.

You may not realize it – but – sites that are LINKING to you NOW or have been linking to you for many years may have been affected. Everyone connected was affected!

BUT this could be temporary IF the sites that went down go out there and get BETTER BACKLINKS. RELEVANT BACKLINKS!

So – don’t worry too much that it is hopeless and impossible to get back on top. It is still possible. You just need to make up for what you lost. GO GET SOME NEW RELEVANT LINKS!

So why is AMAZON doing so well? Why are they on top now and you’re not???

The main reason is that the BIG BOYS like Amazon and Wikipedia and WEBMd and such already had such a huge advantage to begin with, because of their high visibility, wide social signals and huge army of people who naturally link to them. They spend a lot of money on advertising and branding.

Your losses of links gave the big boys an even greater advantage because while you lost RELEVANCE POINTS they still had PageRank and inflated authority. NOt necessarily RELEVANCE authority – just that big fuzzy CORPORATE type brand advantage.

The smaller sites had their limited number of links taken away from them – and if the sites were relying on small numbers of RELEVANT backlinks – suddenly amazon and others who had BULK LINKS got a big boost.

The solution is to go out there and get more in-content links from pages with RELEVANT CONTENT!

And please do not forget to consider that RELEVANT LINKS go a lot further than other low quality links – so in many cases you will only need a few really good in-content relevant text links to get back on top.

Do not assume you need hundreds or thousands of links.

ONLY the biggest super competitive HIGHEST VOLUME keywords require TONS of links. And those keywords are ALSO the ones that Google is watching closer. I’d stay away from them and focus on mid tier keywords like we have always been doing here at Blogging Underground.

Let the other guys fight over the big huge volume keywords. They’re too much trouble to keep on top for.

The kind of “exact keywords” we target are still easy to get top rankings for. All you need is a good site and a small number of relevant links from within content that is related.

Most mid tier longer tail big money keywords still require less links to get on top – especially when you have good relevance!

RELEVANCE makes up for volume in most cases.

As far as the algo penalties – don’t worry about those too much.

As long as your site does have value and is in the index, you should be able to boost the rankings by getting some good quality relevant text links, as well as trying to get some simple social signals from web 2 type sites like Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google + and so forth.

Also – it’s ok to want to make money with your sites. You do not need to hide the fact your site is commerical – in fact – it may be said that Google actually favors sites that have commercial intentions.

Offer freebies to build a list and collect email addresses for your mailing list, suggest products as an affiliate to your visitors and show ads and banners (in moderation) that relate to what the pages are about. That’s fine.

People who want to make money with their sites generally provide better content and a better experience! So what if they show ads or promote things. Google should figure this out when the dust settles.

So in closing, I’d just like to remind you that while you may have lost some backlinks and your rankings may have dropped due to what people are blaming on the Penguin Update, that there still is a huge opportunity for those that are willing to DO THE RIGHT THINGS.

It’s still possible to do things that GOOGLE LIKES!

Get out there and make up for what you lost. Don’t spend too much time trying to fix stuff without reason that may not even have been a problem.

We know that relevant in-content links will get you top rankings.

I’d focus on those more than anything, along with making sure you provide a good quality experience for those that end up on your web pages.

See how many blogs we currently have that Blogging Underground members can post articles in that are indexed by Google – click here to see the current count.

Best wishes for your online success! Mike Liebner

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May 18th by Mike L

It’s important to be in the proper frame of mind when you get started with a blog if you have the intention of dominating your keywords and getting lots of free targeted traffic.

I covered this topic in a webinar event for Smart Guy University I presented on May 8th with Jordan Wexler of Smart Guy.

The event was called “How to Set Up A Blog The Right Way to Dominate Your Keywords” and we recorded it.

Here is the video replay from the event.

There is a free gift zip – watch the webinar for the URL.

I hope you enjoy the webinar!

May 14th by Mike L

    A Very Important Concept