Blogging Underground offers a membership with features and training that helps people with websites get more web traffic.


Need some good good backlinks to boost your sites?

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So – how about a little info about the blog network and what Blogging Underground offers…

Blogging Underground is a feature rich membership that has great tools and a lot of training plus helps webmasters get powerful links. A big benefit is the membership offers access to the Blogging Underground network of blogs which offers webmasters the opportunity to post articles and get high quality links.

The blogs are great places to have links pointing at whatever you would like to see boosted in the rankings!

We have around 200 blogs indexed and crawled regularly by Google, most of them have been indexed for years. New ones are added regularly!

You’ll find a lot of info at the Blogging Underground FAQ and Blog Posting Rules Page

Depending on the package you purchase – a membership to Blogging Underground also includes a bonus stash of PLR Articles.

PLR Articles are private label rights articles meaning that you can modify and edit them and publish them on your sites or in blogs and social media as the author.

The articles are written for a wide variety of keywords and each zip has a mix of 400 different keywords

You can see how I use the PLR articles in my video

Post An Article

You can preveiw the contents of each PLR zip or even searh for articles with your keywords at


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How Many Links Can I DO Without Going Too Fast?


Dec 13th by Mike L

Now is a great time to join Blogging Underground or renew your expired or expiring membership and start planting those articles and links that will help your web pages move up the rankings!

The secret “webinar deal” is good for BU renewal memberships for existing members and for new members who want the best possible price!

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I’ve been getting emails lately from Blogging Underground members asking me how to renew their expired annual memberships.

The 1 year BU memberships do not AUTO REBILL, so if your annual membership has expired or is soon expiring, you can simply renew by grabbing one of the 2 secret webinar specials at our lowest prices ever!

The 1 Year Special Package coupons are linked on the webinar replay page and are still valid!

Watch the webinar and Get the BU Webinar Special Pricing HERE

If you missed it, the webinar was called “How To Build Sites That Rank in 2014″ and is filled with great info!

These are some of the topics I covered in great detail:

– Picking the best keywords to target for a site
– Buying the best domain names
– Web Hosting Selection and Setup
– Creating your first web page and getting your site online
– Getting links to your new site so it gets indexed and starts gaining authority
– Evaluating the strength of your new site
– Adding a WordPress Blog or CMS
– Setting Up Your New Site and Adding Content
– Getting Links for your new content
– Analyzing Rankings and Refining Keyword Targets
– Setting up the Social Signals you need
– Keeping Your Site & Links Fresh

Check out the video replay and if you’re not a current member or just want to renew you can grab one of the 2 special BU deals!

Watch the webinar HERE

Best wishes for your online success!

May 22nd by Mike L

A Step by Step Explanation of What Works Now!

Hi, this is Mike Liebner and I would like to thank all those that attended my special live webinar event on March 13, 2014 where I explained in great detail the strategy that is working right now for Blogging Underground members to grab top rankings and free traffic by building tightly themed websites that target big money keywords.

The webinar was great – over 2 hours long and filled with solid content!



It’s remarkably easy to build sites and get on top if you can avoid making the common mistakes that most webmasters are making these days, and work in some of the new techniques that Google is looking for.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this special 1 hour webinar event!

Click HERE for the webinar replay

I’ll also show you how to avoid the common mistakes that webmasters are making that bring down sites and kill any chance of ranking on top.

You may be shocked at what “little things” that many people are doing on their sites and in their linking that kill any chances of ranking high.

Here are the steps and techniques that I will be covering:

– Picking the best keywords to target for a site
– Buying the best domain names
– Web Hosting Selection and Setup
– Creating your first web page and getting your site online
– Getting links to your new site so it gets indexed and starts gaining authority
– Evaluating the strength of your new site
– Adding a WordPress Blog or CMS
– Setting Up Your New Site and Adding Content
– Getting Links for your new content
– Analyzing Rankings and Refining Keyword Targets
– Setting up the Social Signals you need
– Keeping Your Site & Links Fresh

If you want to use a winning strategy to get top rankings you must attend the live 1 hour webinar event!

Oh and I will also open up the webinar to your questions plus if you have a web site you would like me to do an evaluation of I can scan it and make comments and suggestions. But only do this if you are not afraid to hear some brutal and realistic criticism as almost every site I look at for members has areas that can be improved!

The webinar was great – over 2 hours long and filled with solid content! 

Click HERE for the webinar replay

Have a great day and be sure to get out there and start building some money making websites!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Mar 07th by Mike L

It’s important to be in the proper frame of mind when you get started with a blog if you have the intention of dominating your keywords and getting lots of free targeted traffic.

I covered this topic in a webinar event for Smart Guy University I presented on May 8th with Jordan Wexler of Smart Guy.

The event was called “How to Set Up A Blog The Right Way to Dominate Your Keywords” and we recorded it.

Here is the video replay from the event.

There is a free gift zip – watch the webinar for the URL.

I hope you enjoy the webinar!

May 14th by Mike L

You may start your site building journey with ONE PRIMARY TARGET keyword – but it doesn’t end there!

If you’re following the 12 Step Success Strategy training here at Blogging Underground you should be building out simple sites that super serve your primary keyword target.

If your site is structured properly and you are using the Pages NOT Posts site structure you should be building sites that automatically do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. 

Make it easy on Google!

Having a good internal site structure with good internal linking helps make it easy for Google to figure out what your most important pages are and more importantly what keywords they should be ranking you for. Combined with a few good backlinks from the Blogging Underground “Announcement Blogs” and you’ll be ranking on top of Google faster than ever!


The home page should be a static page and deliver good relevant content for the exact keyword you are targeting so Google develops trust and your site gains a good reputation for that keyword.

A static home page makes it easier for Google to understand what PRIMARY EXACT MATCH KEYWORD your home page is about. 

It’s importat to realize that you are NOT just targeting ONE keyword. Yes – you’re building  the site to super serve that one keyword, but you should also create article pages targeting related secondary keywords. 

To properly build out your site you need to start targeting related secondary keywords. Simply add new pages for your articles and then announce each new page with a post. Add a few posts in the Blogging Underground “Announcement Blogs” to further push your pages up in the rankings.

Over time you should be gaining trust and establishing a reputation for the exact match keyword you are targeting along with many related keyword phrases.


Look at the dog allergy site I built as an example in the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy Training Videos. After finding my exact match keyword in the Blogging Underground keyword research spreadsheets I then built this site from the ground up showing you all the steps and how I did it.

With just 7 article pages this site is already gaining many top rankings for hundreds of keywords. In the last 30 days free search traffic sent over 1,604 total visits from 298 different keywords.

Is your site hitting Critical Mass?

What’s so cool is that this traffic is for a small neglected site that doesn’t even have the 15 article pages it usually takes to hit Critical Mass. Critical Mass by the way is what I refer to when your site gains Google’s trust and they start ranking your pages for lots of related keywords.

BUILD OUT your site!

As you add more content and target more related keywords with article pages – your visits will go up and the number of keywords you recieve free traffic from will increase.

It’s not uncommon for sites that have 15 article pages or more to get traffic from 1,000’s of different keywords! If you follow the 12 Step Success Startegy and properly build out your sites you will have a great chance of success and will most likely hit critical mass.

Just don’t rush building out your sites and try to only do the things that you know Google likes. If you follow my training and only do the simple things that work – just like I did with the example site – you won’t need to spend a lot of time or effort getting your site to hit Critical Mass.

LOOK at my example sites stats:

Here are some SCREENSHOTS I took showing the rankings, keyword targets and traffic stats from Google.

The beautiful thing is that when you build out these sites and they start to hit Critical Mass you barely need to pay attention to them. They do everything on their own and only require an occasional tickle!

This site makes good money every month from Adsense and I hardly do anything with the site. In total I have probably spent less than 3 hours on it. And it is just starting to develop it’s magical powers.

You can make even more money from a site when you match up irresistable offers that go perfectly with the targeted traffic. You can promote your own products or suggest people buy stuff from your affiliate links.

Once you have some traffic coming in you can better improve your site and make adjustments so that conversions and profits go up.

Or you can just take the lazy approach and have Adsense ads do all the work for you. It’s generally not as profitable but it requires no work. Simply put in the ad code and Google shows the ads it thinks will get people to click.

That’s another reason by the way that our sites are so super focused on our target keywords. This helps Google show the best ads so we can make more money and get our share of the highest earnings per click.

If a site is NOT focused or all over the place it is more likley that DUD ads will show and no one will ever click them. Super serving our keywords helps Google Adsense to show better ads.

Keep Your Site Fresh (Tickle it!)

Keep adding new pages with articles when possible, and also regularly add short blog posts with newsy stuff so that Google sees the site is still fresh.

You don’t need to do this a lot – but you don’t want your site to go stale.

Blog posts are perfect for this and show new stuff is being added without harming the reputation of the home page and other article pages that are getting good rankings.

Whenever you add new content – also get a few links in the Blogging Underground blog network. It’ll help keep some juice coming in to your site so you stay on top.

Does Google love YOUR site???

Google loves sites that super serve a primary target keyword and have article pages with secondary keywords that are related.

If you give them what they like you will be rewarded with lots of top rankings for big money keywords and you will get lots of free targeted traffic.

As you can see, we don’t need to trick Google or do any of the sneaky stuff to get top rankings and traffic. All we need to do is build a good site serving the right keywords and get some good links coming in!

That’s exactly what we do here at Blogging Underground!

Jul 23rd by Mike L

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