Have you ever had to move domains from one host to another? Doesn’t that suck?

If you are like me and have a lot of domains which you need to spread out over multiple hosts for the benefits you get by having IP Diversity, you need a hassle free host that will not waste your time with their odd quirky ways.

> WordPress Tuned Web Hosting (it’s hassle free!)


I am an expert at setting up hosting accounts with lots of different web hosting companies. Some hosts end up being huge time wasters and make me do extra work or even force me to move my domains elsewhere like I am doing now because a host changed their “security settings”.

If you have ever had to move several websites off of a web host you know how frustrating of an experience that is. What a hassle! And unfortunately it happens too often.

Fortunately all hosts are not bad and I do have one “hassle free” host I want to share with you that is a pleasure to work with and has everything we need.

> WordPress Tuned Web Hosting (it’s hassle free!)

The above hosting company shines for shared type hosting. The best thing about them is they never hassle me and my sites have run perfectly with them for years.

I never have problems with that host, unlike some loser hosting companies which will
make me do all kinds of extra work to keep them happy.

Some hosts do sneaky stuff like disabling sites because of what they call “malicious” wordpress plugins (they’re not by the way), or “suspicious activity”, too much traffic or any number of problems they want me to solve to keep them happy.

In some cases I just have to dump the host and move the sites.

There is nothing worse than getting set up on a host and finding out that they don’t want to give us what we need.

If you want to set up inexpensive shared hosting that will not drag you down and waste your time I suggest you check out this link:

> WordPress Tuned Web Hosting (it’s hassle free!)

The package they created for Blogging Underground is just $10.95 a month and has all the features we need.

I’ve been hosting with them for years and can truly say they offer the best shared hosting for WordPress sites! Check out what they offer!

Enjoy the holidays!

Best wishes for your online success!

Dec 10th by Mike L

BloggingUnderground.com and all of services including the BU Membership and our Blog Post Utility are moving to a brand new high performance dedicated server! Actually we have pretty much moved almost everything and so far the performance boost has been awesome!

Hi, its Mike Liebner here and I just wanted to let you know we have been upgrading servers and have moved to a much better server. I’m as committed as ever to improving Blogging Underground whenever possible!

At the time we started BU our dedicated server was top of the line – but now a few years later we have a chance to upgrade to a vastly improved dedicated server with many enhancements, most notably faster processing! That’s important because our Blog Posting Utility is a very complicated piece of software and needs all the horsepower it can get to post to our vast newtork of blogs.

Most members will not notice anything other than a nice speed boost while loading pages and using the features of the BU membership.

As with anything this large scale, there may be a few glitches over the next few days as we tweak settings and work on getting everything up and running perfectly.

Rest assured we’re doing our best to make sure everything is completed and transitioned as quickly as possible!

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding as we improve our services!

If you need help or have questions – simply create a support ticket

Best wishes for your online success!

Nov 25th by Mike L

I often get asked how to find out if a site is ranking and/or indexed by Google.

Often I find people are obsessing about all the keywords they are trying to rank for and are spending a lot of time checking rankings when in actuality we should be checking REFERRERS to see what keywords actually send your sites traffic!

So – to see how many pages are on Google or to find out if your site is indexed – go to www.Google.com and type in


Google will show you the URL’s it has in it’s index.

Type it in without the www to see ALL pages including any subdomain pages or pages indexed w/o the www in the URL

If you find you have BOTH www. and NON www for the same pages indexed by Google you will need to try and fix that. Otherwise you’ll have 2 identical pages and they will both be dilluted in value. Make sure only ONE is indexed for max effect!

ie http://your-domain-here.com and http://www.your-domain-here.com

You don’t want both versions indexed – one or the other. I usually go with www

If you have WordPress – it will usually take care of that for you in the .htaccess file. If you do not use WordPress or it isn’t working – then go find your .htaccess file which will be located in the root folder of your domain on the hosting account – and upload it so you can edit the file. NOTE that files that begin with a . like .htaccess may be hidden depending on the setting of your hosting or FTP program.

Get the .htaccess file and simple add this code and modify by replacing your domain name: (Read the rest of this entry…)

Oct 07th by Mike L

Do you have a bunch of domains that you are paying for, but haven’t yet put up a site so it can get traffic? Even one DEAD domain is too many! Get it up on the web! FAST!

Your domain is NOT ALIVE until Google crawls it and indexes it!

Also – the CLOCK doesn’t start TICKING until Google crawls and indexes your site – in other words – it won’t gain HISTORY and AGE and REPUTATION until you start that clock a ticking :’>

All it takes is a simple plain old web page and a few links to let Google know your site is up and for real!

More info and details at the 12 Step Success Startegy TEMP PAGE Forum Post along with a simple template you can just fill in the blanks and upload to your web hsoting account. You DO have a web hosting account, right?

All you need to do is show them you have a page with some good relevant words. You don’t need to win any awards or praise – just show them your page is worth putting in their index.

It’s the perfect way to start your relationship with Google.

Simple and pure… that’s all you need!

Jul 09th by Mike L

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