Hurry – START NOW before the big money and MADNESS of the HOLIDAYS is here!

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner coming to you from Southern California, where it is actually raining this morning. That must mean it’s getting closer to Winter!

It’s the beginning of October and I love this time of year because the slow lazy months of Summer are over!

Those of you who have been with me for a while may know it’s this time of year that I usually begin trying to motivate you guys to start planning ahead to make sure you get your fair share of that big money I always get in the 4th quarter and 1st Quarter. It’s exciting because I always make more money at the end of the year and the beginning of the year!

It’s time for you to start developing and preparing your virtual real estate to be ready when people start buying like crazy!

Get a few domains and get a piece of the pie! It’s much easier this time of year to get a foot hold before the mad rush!

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I’d like to remind you how ridiculously easy it is for you to buy “exact match keyword” domain names and put sites up fast and easy and get them to rank on Google’s first page for your targets.

Start now and be on top when the traffic starts exploding (November – December and January always kick butt!)

If you’re worried there is not enough time for you to get on top of Google – snap out of it! You must watch my new video “This Stuff Really Works” where I show you some of the 50 domains I just bought and the simple sites I am building and getting to rank on top almost instantly so I am there in place to grab some of that sweet spending action!

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> VIDEO > This Stuff Really Works

The only thing standing in your way is taking action! Start working on that big payday now! The time is right!

Thanks for reading this and best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Oct 04th by Mike L

I created a new video called This Stuff Really Works which I would like to share with you.

Video Link

Video – This Stuff Really Works runs around 36 minutes and in it I actually show some of my sites and explain the process I train members to do in Blogging Underground to achieve what I call Critical Mass and Authority Status on Google!

Now – this is no ordinary training video as I actually show some of the 50 domains I have recently bought and am training my outsourced workers to build according to the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy System.

It’s mind blowing how these exact match keyword domains are ranking so fast and so high on Google. I was so excited I just had to share some of the results and show you how I am building out these simple web sites to become authority blogs!

Stop by and watch the video! It’s a special look inside to see what we do here at Blogging Underground!

Sep 26th by Mike L

Do you have a bunch of domains that you are paying for, but haven’t yet put up a site so it can get traffic? Even one DEAD domain is too many! Get it up on the web! FAST!

Your domain is NOT ALIVE until Google crawls it and indexes it!

Also – the CLOCK doesn’t start TICKING until Google crawls and indexes your site – in other words – it won’t gain HISTORY and AGE and REPUTATION until you start that clock a ticking :’>

All it takes is a simple plain old web page and a few links to let Google know your site is up and for real!

More info and details at the 12 Step Success Startegy TEMP PAGE Forum Post along with a simple template you can just fill in the blanks and upload to your web hsoting account. You DO have a web hosting account, right?

All you need to do is show them you have a page with some good relevant words. You don’t need to win any awards or praise – just show them your page is worth putting in their index.

It’s the perfect way to start your relationship with Google.

Simple and pure… that’s all you need!

Jul 09th by Mike L

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