14 02 2012

I often get asked about whether to worry about a new site that went up in rankings that then went down in rankings.

There is no reason to worry UNLESS you did something spammy or evil that caused your site to get penalized.

Fluctuation is normal.

If you follow the 12 Step Success Strategy and you were not too aggressive you should be safe from getting hit hard with penalties. We do things the right way so this happens LESS.

That said it’s common for a new site to fluctuate in the rankings. Especially after adding a WordPress blog and all it’s new pages across the blog getting indexed. Alot of those pages are garbage pages.

It’s NOT a problem having those extra pages get indexed – in fact it’s good in the long run – but at first it may dillute some of the relevance.

That’s why it is important to continue linking to your home page and other home pages to show the site isn’t dead or stale and still has value.

How long will fluctuation occur for a new site??? It really depends.

Things always change all across the web that can have an impact. You do things. Other people do things.

Until you gain authority status and trust you just need to keep on showing Google your site is a living growing thing that has value.

Eventually if you do all the right things and very few of the wrong things you will get to the top. You may fluctuate – especially if the competition is trying to one up you.

Until you get #1 and stay there for a while there will be fluctuation.

But at some point you will gain trust and they will want to keep you at the top because they know your URL is delivering value to searchers for the keyword you are ranking for.

Until you have that trust you need to keep your site fresh with new pages and/or posts and also keep fresh links coming in to the most important pages with your keywords (and a few variations here and there).

Eventually if you gain trust and don’t do anything to get in trouble you should stabilize at the top for that URL and also start gaining trust for other related keywords that are on the page.

That’s what I refer to as hitting “Critical Mass” and achieving authority status for your niche.

There are too many variables to know exactly why things happen – but that’s the basic concept.

More on Critical Mass – watch the webinar replay video!

Feb 14th by Mike L

Is your web site getting top rankings for one or two keywords OR is it getting lots of top rankings like we do when our sites hit Critical Mass?

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I recently wrote in this blog about how to get massive traffic and authority status with Google by creating blogs that get what I call Critical Mass. It’s a big part of the Blogging Underground 12 step Success Strategy training we provide members.

Critical mass is what we aspire to achieve! I’d like to explain it to you in great detail!

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“Critical Mass” is when a website achieves magical super powers and ranks on top of Google for almost every related target keyword and can brings in tons of free targeted traffic.

The webinar presentation will center around the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy Training and will explain how you can create your own authority blogs that can gain magical super powers!

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Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner, Blogging Underground

Jan 20th by Mike L

Very often I get questions asking if the stuff in the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy System Training – especially the Pages NOT Posts site structure works on older sites already built another way – or if they should rebuild old sites from scratch.

While I realize what I have been teaching is very compelling and makes a lot of sense,  PLEASE don’t go out and tear down your existing sites – especially if they are getting traffic and making you money!

That said you can start adding the pages and posts strategy to what you have been doing. Allow me to expand on this a little.

Building good websites and getting a lot of free traffic from Google is largely dependent on earning their trust.

Have you already earned their trust with your site? Or have you done things that may be considered evil or contrary to what Google would prefer you did?

It’s not so simple as just saying YES or NO to using my strategy on your older sites. There are always BUTS and IFS and no single way of dealing with sites already set up.

Does this stuff work on blogs or web sites made before you found my system or set up differently?

Simple answer is yes it can work.

Many times it works great by just posting articles in the announcement blogs we make available to members.  > > > (Read the rest of this entry…)

Jan 07th by Mike L

    A Very Important Concept