This is a great infographic from copyblogger that offers suggestions on how to come up with ideas to write about for your blog. Oddly enough – the infographic is a great example of this as they repurposed an old blog post to get the info for the graphic!

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Best wishes for your online success!

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Apr 17th by Mike L

Is it harder to get a top ranking now?

It is NOT harder now to get a top ranking than before the Penguin update!

Hi its Mike Liebner here with a long info packed article I hope you’ll read and even print if you find it valuable. I think it may inspire you and help you get focused on what is needed to be done to get top rankings right now!

We’ve had a lot of new members joining the past few weeks to take advantage of special prices, plus a lot of existing members have been renewing their memberships.

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I was just explaining in the Blogging Underground member’s forum to a returning member who was concerned it had gotten more complicated after Penguin, that while it may seem like more work would be required after the Panda Penguin update, that the reality is that it’s as easy or easier!

If you have not built a brand new site recently – you really should see for yourself how easy it is to get on top!

Right now if you follow the basic principles of the 12 Step Success Strategy System here at Blogging Underground it is very easy to build brand new sites and get them on top and keep them there simply by doing wehat we’ve always done – build pages and get links!

For the most part – depending on what keywords you go after – you don’t need to do that much once you’ve gotten to the top for your target keyword.

Simply keep the website blog fresh with a new post once in a while and try to add a good article as a page once in a while! Whenever you add something new – get a few fresh links coming in! This is working right now for me and for Blogging Underground members.

I still buy exact keyword domains and put up new sites and just by following the basic 12 Step Success Strategy I am getting my sites to the top very fast. And while the new sites do usually drop, it’s easy to get them back up on top with a new post added to the site along with a few fresh new links coming in.

The secret here is keeping the new site fresh.
Fresh content and fresh links work like magic!

I find adding a new post to the blog is often enough to boost the ranking. It shows Google the site is NOT STALE and gives them more confidence so they will move you back upwards.

Most times this is all that is needed, but if your keyword is more competitive you might want to do a little extra such as send a few social signals with Facebook and Twiiter etc.

Social signals happen with popular websites! Send a few yourself to get the ball rolling!

For safety and insurance, your site will be stronger with a few social signals coming in from the popular places online – but are optional.

You can get away without them – but they do help. That’s why I call them insurance.

I don’t usually do a lot of social marketing, yet I still get on top pretty easy for most keywords doing the same 12 Step Success Strategy stuff I’ve always been doing.

Looking back at what happened in the few months after Penguin – I can now say that the basic rules haven’t really changed so much.

The main consideration is being aware that a human reviewer might visit your website at some point in the future. You’ll be in a better position by making your sites look better (images and videos help!) and also by adding some social elements such as like buttons, google + buttons and the other social stuff webmasters dow with their sites.

Social buttons make it easy for people who visit your site to share your content. Sharing good stuff is social!

Tip: Use a WordPress plugin on your blog and make sure you have some popular social buttons on your sites. Use them for your own account(s) and also keep in mind other people who visit will use them and send social signals for you.

Backlinks are still #1.

Good relevant in-content links work. It’s still what Google loves more than anything else.
If you can get links with your keyword in the content of good related articles you’ll do well.

Tip: Make sure you vary the link text – that IS more important now than before.
Link Text should not ever be 100% the same in all your links. Add variations. Add an extra word now and then – link to a related keyword phrase once in a while and even add “click here for _” or use a web URL as a link to add variety to your incoming links.

Get social! Social Signals are easy to add in the mix.

Social signals are when there are links and bookmarks from the popular social sites that people use these days – mostly for fun – but also businesses too are using Facebook likes and Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins and bookmarks and comments and the stuff that shows Google that people are buzzing about what you have.

You don’t need to become a social expert but it’s smart to do some of the common things that normal people with web sites do.

It’s not absolutely necessary, but helps! It is more for insurance than anything.
Why? Because if a human reviewer ever looks at your site, they will see it looks good and has social signals and link diversity and that reinforces the value they perceive your site as having. Popularity counts!

Looking good is important too.

The sites in danger of being deindexed by a human reveiwer are typically spammy looking, or thin on original or compelling content, and missing the kinds of social signals and interaction with visitors that typically exist on most sites these days. Add images. Add videos. Put stuff that people will check out and keep them from bouncing.

Add social elements so people share your links and bookmark you.

This social stuff isn’t hard. Start with Facebook or Twitter and expand with time. As time goes on, try to do some of what you see other sites doing. If you see something new popping up a lot – find a way to add it to your site.

Pinterest is a great example of something new that is now hitting critical mass.

I avoided it for a long time, but it’s actually pretty simple. I just created my first account.

Pinterest is easy and it’s also a great source of traffic right now – not just good for link juice.

Just create a Pinterest account and every once in a while if you use a picture on one of your blogs, make sure you go to Pinterest and add it. Pinterest will link to your URL where the picture is. Easy to do and Google will see it and so will people who see you on Pinterest.


Everyone has a Facebook account, right? You don’t have to become a Facebook expert. Just create a free account and use it once in a while for your web sites!

If you have a Facebook account as you’re surfing sites you should start clicking the like button on stuff you see that you like. It will get listed on your Facebook page. Also you should like your own stuff (once in a while) or even create short posts linking to your stuff from your Facebook page. That’s so easy and helps send social signals. Other people will see it too and like it.


Are you Tweeting on Twitter? You should be.

Just create a free Twitter account and once in a while create a tweet and link to a URL on your site. It will add a social signal.

Also – lots of other sites like link to the Twitter users and will also show your links.

By linking your pages on Twitter, it also means other places will show your links too.

How easy is that? That’s pretty easy. All the social signals stuff is easy! You’re probably already doing a lot of this just for fun. Well – now do a little for your web sites.

This extra social stuff can help you, but don’t get overwhelmed by this stuff. It should be fun!

Doing ALL of the social stuff is not required.
At the very least though, you should try to do at least a few social things for your most important sites, especially when they are brand new.
Social signals add LINK DIVERSITY which is something I have suggested is important for a long time. I’ve always included getting links form other places than just the BU BLOGS in the 12 Step Success Strategy. It adds diversity to your sites footprint.

Social signals help add link diversity.

Backlink Your Backlinks

Also very powerful – backlink some of your backlinks!

It helps if the web pages your links are on ALSO have links coming in – ideally from other sites linking to them that are not connected. and Twitter are great for this. Free hosted blogs are great too.

Get a free account and create a few blogs (they allow more than 1) and write a post now and then to link to your best pages and new posts.

There are also many other places you can get free hosted blogs such as, and etc.

That’s pretty easy to do. And it’s NOT hard work!

So – if you want to build web sites and get top rankings it still is pretty easy!

Follow the 12 Step Success Strategies that we teach in the Blogging Underground members section. This stuff still works!

Blogging Underground $99. Special Deal with a huge 4,800 PLR Bonus

As far as ranking on top of Google and getting free search engine traffic – an exact keyword domain with some good relevant content structured the right way (Pages NOT Posts) makes it easy to get on top. Maybe even easier now, than before.

So as far as things getting more complicated – NOT REALLY!

The same stuff we have been doing at BU for a long time works very well right now.

So – if you thought everything changed and SEO is dead and marketers are doomed – think again – this stuff is still working.

While very little has changed – we do know they do appreciate social signals and that can help you get to the top and stay on top – especially with the more competitive keywords.

So just build some good sites doing the stuff shown in the 12 Step Success Strategy at Blogging Underground and also do a few extra social things and you should be set!

The main thing is getting links in some good quality articles pointing at your pages so you can move up to the top!
Not hard at all!
If you need good quality in-content links then you need Blogging Underground!

We have almost 300 blogs indexed by Google that members can post articles in!

We’re also offering the Blogging Underground $99. Special Deal with a huge 4,800 PLR Bonus

It’s a great time to be a Blogging Underground member!

You can still get on top! You just need some good links!

Best wishes for your online success!

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Jul 22nd by Mike L

It’s important to be in the proper frame of mind when you get started with a blog if you have the intention of dominating your keywords and getting lots of free targeted traffic.

I covered this topic in a webinar event for Smart Guy University I presented on May 8th with Jordan Wexler of Smart Guy.

The event was called “How to Set Up A Blog The Right Way to Dominate Your Keywords” and we recorded it.

Here is the video replay from the event.

There is a free gift zip – watch the webinar for the URL.

I hope you enjoy the webinar!

May 14th by Mike L

We love blogs and blogging! WordPress is embraced and we use blogs as a part of our web publishing strategy!

If you’re a web publisher – you will find The Blog at Blogging Underground  to be a fantastic resource both to keep on top of what’s going on here at Blogging Underground – but also to get tips, tricks and training so you can be a hugely successful blogger!

Stay tuned as we expand and develop! (Read the rest of this entry…)

Jan 22nd by Mike L

    A Very Important Concept