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Summer is a great time to start working on building link authority so you are ready when the busy “Back to School” season hits in September.

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner from Blogging Underground with a quick email about the special pricing for an annual membership to Blogging Underground.

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I just read an email from a loyal BU member who wanted to renew her expired annual membership and it reminded me that I usually have a 4th of July Promotion each year.

While I am waiting until after the busy holiday is over this year to run a special promotion, I did want to make sure that all of you knew that the special pricing is available right now.

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> Special Offer for a 1 Year Blogging Underground Membership

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Well that’s it! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday here in the USA and that everyone else around the world is also enjoying themselves during the vacation season!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

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Jun 30th by Mike L

A lot of people will be online buying stuff on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all through Christmas into January (always my busiest month!) to save money and take advantage of discounts and bonus offers.


Hi, its Mike Liebner here on Cyber Monday, the day that people all over the world whip out their credit and debit cards and spend money online like it is going out of style!

While it’s fun to order gifts online and buy ourselves items at big discounts, I’d like to suggest you consider doing something that will not only save you money but will also help you make more money with your business!

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Dec 02nd by Mike L

Now is a great time to invest in your success for 2013!

There are 2 special deals right now which offer huge libraries of high quality PLR Articles for a super low price PLUS each deal includes 1 full Year of Blogging Underground with all membership priveleges!

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The concept is really simple!

With a Blogging Underground membership you get detailed training that will help you create high quality web sites and set them up the right way so that you can get top rankings on search engines and get lots of targeted traffic!

In the BU membership you can post your articles (guest post) and get 1 or 2 high quality in-content links in each article you publish.

Google and Bing love when web sites have links coming from within the content of high quality articles that relate to the topic! The links you’ll get when you publish your articles in the BU Blogs will give you a huge rankings boost and help you get on top of page 1 faster than ever!

We provide all the training so you know how to do it the right way. It’s never been easier to get free search engine traffic to your web sites!

It’s so easy to post the articles in our high quality blogs! You can use any type of article as long as it is good qulait and readable by a human and is not spammy.

Sorry – but we do not allow webspam or crappy content to be published in our blogs. Only good articles!

You can write original articles, rewrite existing articles or use the PLR articles that we include as the bonus.

It’s usually best when you rewrite the articles in your own words or at the very least include some of your own original words. That helps make the content we publish for you that more effective.

A trick I like to do is find several related PLR articles and then cut and paste bits and pieces from several articles and combine them together with my own original comments. This is super easy and fast and best of all it works like magic.

A membership to Blogging Underground allows you to get good quality in content links to your most important web pages by guest posting your articles instantly any time you want to.

Links are really important and Blogging Underground will show you the right way to do it successfully!

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power of links

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> Special Offers for 24,000 PLR Articles with BU FREE!

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Dec 28th by Mike L

Here is the video tour of the new updated version 2 of the Blog Posting Utility

I have a brand new video I just recorded for members on posting in the blog network that I would like to invite you to watch.

The video runs 34 minutes and explains in great detail all of the great features of the new version of the Blogging Underground Blog Posting Utility (BPU V2 for short).

In the video I log in to the new BPU V2 and show you how easy it is to access all of the nearly 500 “announcement blogs” in the BU blog network. The video has detailed explanations of all the great features that Blogging Underground members enjoy, such as exporting link data, creating profiles, and searching with lists of keywords to quickly find all the best blogs that match your keywords so you can quickly and easily get powerful in-content backlinks from your blog posts!

I also show an example of creating a blog post from scratch in the BPU so you can see how fun and easy it is to post articles and get powerful backlinks from blogs that will help you get top rankings faster and easier than ever!

Don’t miss the video! It’s loaded with tips and is well worth watching!

BPU Blog Posting Utility V2 Overview Video

Dec 05th by Mike L

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here from Blogging Underground getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with family here in California!

I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season including great friends and subscribers like you! Thanks for your support and being a part of my online family!

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We currently have 2 secret special offers that make joining Blogging Underground more affordable than ever and include our biggest bonuses ever!

Stop by to have a look at the 2 membership deals and make sure you also watch the new video “This Stuff Really Works”.

This revealing video shows how easy it is to have outsourced workers affordably build money making web sites according to my 12 Step Success Strategy and get top rankings on Google fast and easy simply by using the Blogging Underground Blog Network!

When you now how you really can get top rankings on Google with BRAND NEW big money exact keyword domains if you do the right things like get good quality in-content links in our blogs!

Watch the video to see how we do it at Blogging Underground and take advantage of one of the new money saving special offers to become a member! It’s a great time to join and get ready to cash in on the huge online shopping months of December and January!

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Also – if you haven’t yet grabbed my holiday gift zip with 400 free PLR Articles – go grab it now!

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It has 400 holiday themed articles you can download instantly and use on your web sites!

Well, that’s all for now! Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Nov 20th by Mike L

    A Very Important Concept