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Apr 17th by Mike L

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Apr 09th by Mike L

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Promoting products as an affiliate can be lucrative – especially when you offer a really good bonus!

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Regular people like you and me are making lots of money as sellers on Amazon. It’s the biggest opportunity right now!

A huge part of Amazon’s business is based on people like us selling stuff through their site. They love it and make it really easy for us to become sellers and leverage their huge power on the web!

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MOST of the many products that are being sold by SELLERS on Amazon are hardly promoted or perhaps even neglected.

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You see – Amazon already has some good juice as an authority site – but if you have a product page on Amazon you can really push it up to the top of Google with some smart linking. And Blogging Underground training shows you eactly how to do it!

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Mar 09th by Mike L

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