That’s right – you read correctly! Affiliate Titan is only $7. right now and contains the hottest suite of tools to help you make money promoting products as an affiliate!

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The key to making a lot of money as an affiliate is to promote products that are SELLING WELL RIGHT NOW!

It’s the best way to cash in on what’s already working and making money!

But until now it was very difficult to find products to promote on JV Zoo without spending time researching individual products.

Fortunately for us – right now if you get Affiliate Titan you will get King Of The Zoo Software which will show you all of the metrics for products that are HOT right now so you can quickly and easily promote the ones you want!

Also included is 1 Click Affiliate Software that will help you quickly build landing pages and reviews using proven copy that has already made tons of money.

And that’s not all you will get – but instead of me telling you about the rest of the stuff with Affiliate Titan (only 7 bucks until they raise the price) you need to go watch the videos which explain exactly what you get and how you can easily start making sales promoting the hottest products!

> Affiliate Titan

Regardless of your level of experience you can easily pick the right products to promote and get some cash rolling in with the help of the tools you’ll be getting!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Best wishes for your online success!

May 18th by Mike L

Are you monetizing your sites targeted traffic effectively?

Are you building WEB PAGES that Sell?

While it sure feels good to get a top ranking and pull in lots of targeted free traffic from Google – I can tell you it feels even better when your high ranking web page is doing it’s job and is selling stuff so that you’re making money from the traffic!

It’s all about ACTIONS! People taking action is what makes us money –  which is far more important than simply being popular, right?

Do your web pages effectively help your visitors find stuff they want and help them make buying decisions? (Read the rest of this entry…)

May 28th by Mike L

Do you want to become a super affiliate?

The all new Blogging Underground Super Affiliate Center – a private section with tools and tips for JV partners and affiliates!

Join now so I can help you make more money!

> REGISTER HERE – we’ll give you access to our tools and training.

All the really good stuff is in the Super Affiliate Center!

> LOGIN HERE – if you have already registered this is the entrance

> INFORMATION – details about the Super Affiliate Center and our Affiliate program

> Terms and Conditions for Affiliates – our affiliate agreement

If you are a Clickbank affiliate or want to become one and looking to make big commissions promoting a product you can really feel good telling people about – you MUST sign up to promote Blogging Underground!

It’s Mike Liebner here and I’m putting the final touches on the all new Blogging Underground Super Affiliate Center and would like to invite you to register for free and ask you to check out all the cool stuff.

The feature I love the most is the Advanced URL function which allows registered affiliates to create an affiliate link with a cookie that gets triggered by any page they want! That means you can create a customized affiliate link with your code and send people to any web page you want!

The Advanced URL function is perfect to send your friends, customers and susbcribers directly to pages with videos, downloads, reviews, bonuses or even pages on your own web sites!

The possibilities are unlimited! Create your own landing page and the Advanced URL function will do all the heavy lifting and make sure you get credit when they purchase Blogging Underground!

We also have hundreds of banners and graphics, articles you can put on your blogs and other great promotional tools. We even have a great PAGE PEEL you can put on your sites (look in the top right corner for the peel!)!

There are also email notifications for when you get sales and of course as I add new features I will send you an email!

I’ll also be adding affiliate training videos and have webinars with experts in affiliate marketing! The goal is to help you make more commissions promoting BU!

You’ll find all the details on the Blogging Underground Super Affiliate Center here. Stop by and register and start working on attaining super affiliate status!

Stop by the all new Blogging Underground Super Affiliate Center and register! It’s the first step towards becoming a super affiliate!

Errr… actually the first step is to join Clickbank if you have not done so already! Sign up for Clickbank HERE

Feb 18th by Mike L

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