OK – I understand that a lot of bloggers and professional writers would rather focus on the content they are writing and publishing, and not worry about the backlinks.

But being aware of the SEO stuff you can do while writing can make or break a website. And to be honest – some techniques are so easy and so rewarding they really shouldn’t be passed by.

zzz-linksContextual backlinks for example!

Placing links within article content can be amazingly effective! Both EXTERNAL and INTERNAL LINKS!

Ahhhhhh…. internal too? I get it!

Yes – contextual links to related articles that point to URL’s internally can really help! Sure – a related posts plugin isn’t a bad idea – but it’s even better to have links with single words or two words within an article that are different from the TITLE LINKS that already appear a zillion times.

Sometimes when you have a lot of something – such as in EXACT SAME TITLE LINKS repeated on site and off in RSS Feeds etc. – you need some good simple contextual links with only a word or two to offset the large volume of exact same links througout your site and anywhere your RSS Feed is published.

Is it worth the extra effort? YES! And it’s really not that hard or time consuming to work in links while you write or after you complete an article – or better yet to save time use a relevant PLR Article.


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Because of the way that Google likes to reward sites for doing things it likes, it is really important that anyone who wants more free search traffic from their blogs and articles are aware that having links – both internal and external – within the content in your articles can help you get better rankings.

So if you are a writer, editor, blogger or business person putting up articles – make sure you include some good text links within the content!

If you’re trying to boost your rankings or bring a site back up that has taken a dive – start working on getting more links within the content you have control over! On your own site and if you have a Blogging Underground membership – use our blogs to post articles to get contextual links!

Even after the latest updates one of the most effective ways to get Google to love your pages and rank them high for keywords that bring people, is to have a good variety of keyword text links pointing at them with your most important target keywords!

The best links should be coming from pages with relevant content. The text links should be within the content – in the sentences and paragraphs. Websites that do this usually are at the top of Google.

If you don’t believe me – take a look at the top 10 for one of your target keywords – I bet there are sites ranking on page one that have a policy of generously linking their own pages internally and if you analyze the URL’s that are ranking I bet they also have lots of good text links within relevant related content as I suggested that come from external sites

This is how you can get your sites to rank. Seriously. Do this kind of linking more often and your pages will rise in the rankings.

On your own site – make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to put LINKS within your articles pointing to pages on your own site (internal links).

I’m not just talking about bare text links with your keywords in them – but rather keyword text links that are surrounded by relevant words on a relevant page. In a sentence is always better.

Google has gotten hip to people dropping in text links in footers and sidebars – mostly using plugins and automated scripts – and they know it is harder to work in the text link within a paragraph of related content.

They reward you for this when you do it!

For example – just putting a Text Link anywhere on the page or on your site may give you a little link juice for that keyword – BUT – you’d get even more LINK JUICE if that text link had a few words in front of it and behind it – like in a sentence.

Here – something like this could give you extra link juice compared to a bare text link in the footer or sidebar or even in the middle of a page.

Like dis…

To make sure your website has the best search engine optimization techniques you should study the backlinking diagram I made that shows how to link a WordPress website.

That kind of link is far more effective than just a link without words surrounding it.

WordPress hosting

I mean hey – it’s better than a poke in the eye with a stick – but we need to be aware that Google is looking at more than JUST the words in the link text – they want to see if there are OTHER relevant words close by. If there are the link is more likely to be genuine and valuable.

Too many spammers are lazy and just bombard every chance they can with a simple plain bare text link – that’s too easy!

This has been the case for a long time – but with the most recent updates by Google it appears they are perhaps even PENALIZING people that have too many BARE LINKS. SO you must make sure if you do any linking campaigns or have people doing linking work for you that you get a good variety of link text and make sure that you have as many CONTEXTUAL LINKS within content/articles as you can to offset any penalties for spammy links.

Every place you have control over the links you should be doing CONTEXTUAL LINKS WITHIN THE CONTENT! Every chance (just be sensible and avoid patterns of course!).

Where can you do this?

Well – on your own site – within your own content – work in text links in sentences where the word already appears every chance you can – just make sure that it looks legit and makes sense. If you see a word in an article that relates to another article on the site – link it using that word!

And in other places where you can post articles and work in a text link or two, make sure you put the links in sentences within the content. It can be one word – 2 words or even link a longer segment or even a complete sentence.

As long as the link text is related and not a repeated pattern found elsewhere it will help!

Google loves text links within the content that point to pages that are RELATED!

That is why posting articles in The Blogging Underground network of blogs is so effective!

The algos favor links in sentences and paragraphs over plain bare links by themselves. Both may help you – but there is a significant boost from having LINKS that are in the content. This is referred to as contextual backlinks within related content.

These kinds of links will give you a boost if you are linking INTERNALLY and also if you are linking EXTERNALLY.

So – if you want to push your pages UP the rankings – you need to be doing what works! Back off on the plain bare text links and start working on getting more contextual backlinks within related articles! On site and off!

AVOID SPAMMY BEHAVIOR – ie – plain text links in sidebars, footers etc. – too many text links with the same link text – links that seem out of place and do not match the content on the page (unrelated links) – and patterns that look spammy.

DO MORE OF THIS – get more links within articles with related keywords – mix up the words in the links (good link variety) – and when possible make sure you get some links from unique content (rewrite plr articles – create original articles or use spun content that is readable)

Follow these backlinking tips and you should do just fine!

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I hope that helps puts things in perspective!

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