I created a new video called This Stuff Really Works which I would like to share with you.

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Video – This Stuff Really Works runs around 36 minutes and in it I actually show some of my sites and explain the process I train members to do in Blogging Underground to achieve what I call Critical Mass and Authority Status on Google!

Now – this is no ordinary training video as I actually show some of the 50 domains I have recently bought and am training my outsourced workers to build according to the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy System.

It’s mind blowing how these exact match keyword domains are ranking so fast and so high on Google. I was so excited I just had to share some of the results and show you how I am building out these simple web sites to become authority blogs!

Stop by and watch the video! It’s a special look inside to see what we do here at Blogging Underground!

Sep 26th by Mike L


  1. nice work keep it up, will join soon.

    Mike L

  2. Hurry!

    Mike L

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