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The concept is really simple!

With a Blogging Underground membership you get detailed training that will help you create high quality web sites and set them up the right way so that you can get top rankings on search engines and get lots of targeted traffic!

In the BU membership you can post your articles (guest post) and get 1 or 2 high quality in-content links in each article you publish.

Google and Bing love when web sites have links coming from within the content of high quality articles that relate to the topic! The links you’ll get when you publish your articles in the BU Blogs will give you a huge rankings boost and help you get on top of page 1 faster than ever!

We provide all the training so you know how to do it the right way. It’s never been easier to get free search engine traffic to your web sites!

It’s so easy to post the articles in our high quality blogs! You can use any type of article as long as it is good qulait and readable by a human and is not spammy.

Sorry – but we do not allow webspam or crappy content to be published in our blogs. Only good articles!

You can write original articles, rewrite existing articles or use the PLR articles that we include as the bonus.

It’s usually best when you rewrite the articles in your own words or at the very least include some of your own original words. That helps make the content we publish for you that more effective.

A trick I like to do is find several related PLR articles and then cut and paste bits and pieces from several articles and combine them together with my own original comments. This is super easy and fast and best of all it works like magic.

A membership to Blogging Underground allows you to get good quality in content links to your most important web pages by guest posting your articles instantly any time you want to.

Links are really important and Blogging Underground will show you the right way to do it successfully!

Please watch the new video The Power of Links – it has brand new cutting edge info for 2013 and beyond!

power of links

Then after you watch the video – sign up for one of the special deals so you can use our high quality PLR Articles and post in the BU Blogs!

It’s really that simple to get things rolling so you can achieve success in the new year!

> Special Offers for 24,000 PLR Articles with BU FREE!

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