So it may not exactly be breaking news, but it sure is important to remind webmasters that social signals are very important when establishing a new website.

social-media-pinterest-logoSure, it’s great to have on topic links pointing at your site from articles that contain relevant words like we do at Blogging Underground, but a part of the secret sauce to get top rankings is doing what most other top websites are doing.

One thing you can’t run away from is having links coming in from supporting “social media” sites that are popular.

One such popular social monster is Pinterest.

Pinterest is of particular interest to webmasters because they are a PageRank 9 site and they allow us to post our images from our websites and they will give us LINKS pointing back at our URL’s. In fact they have over 214 million pages indexed by Google.

This is a big positive for our sites that have images because we can have them linked on Pinterest and establishes our site as being socially relevant.

What a lot of people do not realize is that you can get extra links from Pinterest in addition to the ones they give you for the images you pin. Look at the page I added where I also put in a link to a youtube video

Komplete 9 with Kinetic Metal Video

All you have to do is addd the extra link in the description when you pin your URL. Pretty cool!

So why not go out and get a Pinterest account – it’s free and will help you send social signals to your web pages that have images (and other pages too!).

Read the article on Pinterest at Social Signals from Pinterest

Ohhhh…. and if you can – please follow my pinterest page and repin some of my pins!

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The social activity is part of how the magic of Pinterest can get amplified! Happy pinning!

Jan 22nd by Mike L

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