A lot of people have been asking if this BU SEO site building stuff still works.

Yes. It does!

The dust seems to have settled after the Panda and Penguin updates of the past month or so. I can see more clearly now what has happened and what needs to be done. It’s actually simpler to summarize than previously now that I have perspective.

To sum things up as to what happened, it’s very clear that a lot of websites were removed from the Google index in late March/Early April and a lot of sites LOST links from those pages. That stuff has an impact in itself.

While that itself did have an immediate impact on a lot of websites, the full impact was not fully realized until they pushed the button on the so-called Penguin Update and applied the new calculations across all of the pages in the Google index. 

It wasn’t so much PENALTIES that dinged sites – it was losing LINK JUICE.

Getting back some links will solve that problem!

What happened was that Google’s recalculated index of web pages had very drastic effects on who was at the top and who went way down way fast.

Basically my opinion is that they deindexed so many sites that had links on pages on sites that were no longer in the index that simply by LOSING LINKS they dropped in rankings.

Sure – there are other algo changes, but the reason so many searches now favored the big fat cat sites like Amazon and Wikipedia and About and Ehow and WebMd and Mayo Clinic and other big corp sites and major authorities is that they were SO BIG to begin with that they were IMPACTED LESS by some of their links disappearing.

Older established sites with a longer history of having lots of links did not get hurt as much as newer sites or smaller niche keyword sites.

In other words – smaller sites that had less links coming in overall and were previously ranking on top mainly by having a small number really good solid “in-content links” from relevant pages, were impacted greater than the big monster sites who are fat cats with major links coming in.

They lost links and WE lost links and we slid down more than Amazon – who still has that massive monster link machine going on.

So what happened? Amazon was dominating almost every search phrase!

But I am glad to report that my sites are coming back now that I have some new links coming in. And also brand new sites I have been building the past few weeks are also getting top rankings and with ONLY a small handflul of links!

The stuff we do at Blogging Underground still works.

I’ve been building a lot of new sites and keeping notes of how things are going and what works. I also talk to lots of members.

It’s pretty clear that links in the BU blogs still help sites get indexed and get top rankings.

The 12 Step Success Strategy and Pages NOT Posts site structure still works!

The sites I have recently been building from the ground up using the same strategies are getting indexed fast and are ranking.

Some brand new sites with only a few pages are already in the top 10 on Google.

In fact I just looked at one of the sites I bought an exact match keyword domain for around a week ago and set up doing the usual stuff has 2 pages from it ranking on page one on Google for a really good mid-tier keyword.

The keyword is a really good one with good volume and VERY HIGH AVG. Cost Per Click.

The funny thing is that 4 of the other top 10 results are AMAZON pages.

That’s ok though – as long as I am up there amazon can stay there too!

The main point I would like to make from this is that there is no reason to stop doing the things we know work.

Creating sites with good content and serving a keyword with articles will still get you on top of Google when they see you have good relevant in-content links with the keyword you are targeting.

This stuff still works – even after Panda and Penguin!

Visit the BU Blogging Underground home page to see how many blogs we currently have that members can post articles in.

May 23rd by Mike L


  1. Thanks Mike for this. I know you have been to great efforts to test things out in order to reassure your readers that their fear my not be justified as far as BloggingUndergroung or any of your tools are concerned.

    The Penguin has thrown all of us out of balance. My sites survived all previous Google’s tinkering but a few of them fell to Penguin. Instead of building more links I stopped and only fell deeper. I should start to build links ASAP.

    Mike L

  2. Hi Mike,

    Like everyone else, I too have suffered with many sites losing their backlinks…and rankings.

    What I DO like, is many of those sites that were pointing to my sites (that are now gone) were indeed poor quality…so if we want to look on the bright side…we all have less competition now.

    Mind you, that doesn’t help me feel any better just yet. When I can find my sites again I will be happier :)

    Mike L

  3. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write once more very soon!

    Mike L

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