It’s important to be in the proper frame of mind when you get started with a blog if you have the intention of dominating your keywords and getting lots of free targeted traffic.

I covered this topic in a webinar event for Smart Guy University I presented on May 8th with Jordan Wexler of Smart Guy.

The event was called “How to Set Up A Blog The Right Way to Dominate Your Keywords” and we recorded it.

Here is the video replay from the event.

There is a free gift zip – watch the webinar for the URL.

I hope you enjoy the webinar!

May 14th by Mike L


  1. Want to know how to set up a blog?

    Mike L

  2. Hi Mike
    Lots of good info here about keywords and setting up a blog the right way.
    Just going to the link to your gift page for keywords.
    Thanks a lot.

    Mike L

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