Why do Blogging Underground members get so many top rankings?

The secret weapon that helps us boost our pages higher for our target keywords is getting good quality relevant text links in articles!


Yes – it’s true – getting text links that are relevant and related to what is on your web page is a secret weapon that many webmasters are using to get top rankings. Relevant links from pages with related content can help boost your ranking in a big way if done correctly!

We here at Blogging Underground have it especially easy because as a member, all we have to do to get a good relevant text link, is login to our BU Membership and post an article with relevant text links in the blog network.

When search engines see links to your pages are coming from web pages with related words on them you get a big boost in their scoring.

And to further boost your rankings – use this special little tip.

Backlink your backlinks!

Do the same thing and get relevant links and point them at the pages that are linking to your money pages.

It’s a second layer of links that works like magic to boost rankings! And it works more than anything when the text links have your target keywords in them and come from articles that have related keywords.

So – get a good link from a blog in the Blogging Underground network of blogs with your keyword – and then get a new relevant text link from a different blog in the BU network (ideally on a different IP address) and you’re a certified double threat! BOOM! Up go the rankings!

So – do you see the value in getting relevant links? It’s our secret weapon at Blogging Underground!

If you want to do this in the easiest way possible consider joining Blogging Underground to get access to our network of over 200 blogs spread out on servers all over the world!

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