Are your websites and social pages vibrant and alive?

Do they regularly get fresh new links pointing at them?

Or did the sites just die and are laying stagnant without any activity… I hope not!


If you want Google to think your site is important you need to post new content every once in a while and you ALSO need fresh new links coming in or they will think your sites are dead and they will stop showing it to people in their search listings.

Fortunately it’s not hard to keep your sites and free search engine traffic alive.

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Posting short news and announcement articles that link to your most important content is one of the best ways to keep Google and visitors interested in your website.

It’s exactly what they are looking for to make sure your site is vital and in demand.

Fresh links pointing at your sites show them your site has stuff goin’ on and posting in blogs is the fastest and easiest way to get good quality links.

Google spiders love active blogs and are crawling them constantly looking for something new!

Finding places to post that are not spammy can be a challenge. It’s hard work.

Fortunately there is a brilliant solution that makes getting new links easy and fun!

Post and link using the Blogging Underground Network of Announcement Blogs!

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Blogging Underground is a membership site that has hundreds of crawled and indexed blogs that members can use to post articles using our Blog Post Utility.

Getting powerful links is easy when you are a Blogging Underground member!

Simply login to your Blogging Underground Membership – click the link for the BPU (Blog Post Utility) – pick a blog from the hundreds listed that you would like to post your article in – publish your article with 1 or 2 links and sit back and relax.

It’s that easy! Instant quality backlinks any time you need them! And you can even schedule them using the Blog Post Utilty!

I suggest posting at least 3 to 5 articles per week – but you can use the blogs as much as you like!

If you want more traffic you need good quality links!

The effects of linking regularly in the Blogging Underground blogs is very powerful and can help get all of your pages indexed and even push them up the rankings for your target keywords.

Now – you may be thinking this kind of time saving service would be really expensive – but fortunately joining Blogging Underground is a very affordable.

There are 5 Ways to Join Blogging Underground (starting as low as $4.95)

1) $4.95 for 7 Days of Access (rebills at $67. per month after 7 days) via Clickbank

2) $99. Quarterly Susbcription to Blogging Underground via Clickbank

3) $149. Underground PLR Package includes 1 Year of Blogging Underground as bonus via PayPal

4) $199. Underground PLR Package includes 1 Year of Blogging Underground as bonus via PayPal

5) $299. for 1 Year of Access to Blogging Underground via Clickbank

All of the above packages include FULL ACCESS to all of the blogs in the Blogging Underground network!

So – if you believe that getting new links are as important as I do – you owe it to yourself to join Blogging Underground! It’s the best way to get powerful links in high quality blogs fast and easy!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mar 13th by Mike L

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