I often get asked how to find out if a site is ranking and/or indexed by Google.

Often I find people are obsessing about all the keywords they are trying to rank for and are spending a lot of time checking rankings when in actuality we should be checking REFERRERS to see what keywords actually send your sites traffic!

So – to see how many pages are on Google or to find out if your site is indexed – go to www.Google.com and type in


Google will show you the URL’s it has in it’s index.

Type it in without the www to see ALL pages including any subdomain pages or pages indexed w/o the www in the URL

If you find you have BOTH www. and NON www for the same pages indexed by Google you will need to try and fix that. Otherwise you’ll have 2 identical pages and they will both be dilluted in value. Make sure only ONE is indexed for max effect!

ie http://your-domain-here.com and http://www.your-domain-here.com

You don’t want both versions indexed – one or the other. I usually go with www

If you have WordPress – it will usually take care of that for you in the .htaccess file. If you do not use WordPress or it isn’t working – then go find your .htaccess file which will be located in the root folder of your domain on the hosting account – and upload it so you can edit the file. NOTE that files that begin with a . like .htaccess may be hidden depending on the setting of your hosting or FTP program.

Get the .htaccess file and simple add this code and modify by replacing your domain name:

#Redirect http://your-domain-here.com to http://www.your-domain-here.com
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^your-domain-here.com
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.your-domain-here.com/$1 [r=301,L]

That code will force any page to load with the www – even if the address is typed without it

If you want to to know the ranking for the keywords you are targeting the best way is to look at your web stats to see what keywords brought people from the search engines.

Your hosting account should provide you with stats or you can get Google Analytics or a nice free stats tool like Stat Counter

Stat Counter is simple and easy to use once you have the code on your web pages. It will tell you what sites have referred traffic and even show you the keywords that people searched for on search engines.

I personally use RankTracker plugin in WordPress

It will tell you what keywords are sending traffic!

If you have Chrome you can use an add-on like SEO SERP which will look up the position of any site and keyword – but – it doesn’t guarantee that keyword gets traffic!

I use SEO SERP a lot. It’s right there in the Chrome toolbar whenever you need it and want to see if you’ve broken into the top 100.

The truth is RANKINGS only matter if the keywords you are ranking for are being searched for and the search engines are sending you traffic.

Being #1 for a keyword that doesn’t send you traffic is meaningless. That’s why it’s better to look at stats to see what traffic you really get from keywords. You may be surprised to find out what keywords bring people to your URL’s.

HOT TIP: When you find a keyword is bringing you more than a couple of visitors and you see you are not yet #1 – it would be smart for you to go and get a few extra links using those keywords so you can boost your pages to the top.

If you get 10 visits being #10 you’ll get a LOT MORE when you’re #1 or 2!

That’s the fastest way to boost your traffic is by analyzing your stats and boosting your rankings for keywords that are already sending you traffic.

As far as obsessing about rankings for keywords you are targeting… there are many things you can do that will make you more money than by finding out your rankings BEFORE you see the traffic come in your stats.


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Oct 07th by Mike L


  1. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for an in depth article. I really learn a lot when I read your articles and I have actually used your previous suggestions to see a boost in my traffic. Thanks Again.

    Mike L

  2. Thanks Mike for this post. I have been following your tips for a long time and have found them extremely useful.

    You are right. I use the statcounter to check where my traffic comes from and go and build links with those words keeping in mind to alter them a little. After the Penguin, one can not be too careful to avoid another Google hammer.

    Mike L

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