Pay Per Click Formula Live Free PPC Webinar Replay Video from the Live Event on Thursday, September 22, 2011 with Gauher Chaudhry.  

> Pay Per Click Formula 3 Bonus

Join me, Mike Liebner of Blogging Underground, your host, for a special free live event with Gauher Chaudhry as he introduces Pay Per Click Formula 3, the brand new version of his cutting edge PPC training.

Here is the replay video! Enjoy!

Run time is 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There is a HUGE bonus from Blogging Underground for those who join from there or the secret webinar bonus link which we will reveal during the live event! Only 50 bonuses will be made available! Don’t wait till they’re all gone!

The Webinar covers WHAT’S WORKING NOW in PPC!

Join Gauher Chaudhry as he explains what’s new and what has changed in PPC and Search Engine Marketing and shows how he is using Pay Per Click advertising and is still making a very good living playing the PPC game!

Learn from Gauher just how easy it is to get tons of targeted PPC traffic for just pennies per click!

You won’t want to miss the recording from this live event – please watch the replay video posted at the top of this page!

> Pay Per Click Formula 3 Bonus – also details on the brand new PPCF3 product!

Sep 18th by Mike L


  1. Hi Mike .. maybe it’s me but it doesn’t want to load … is this on your server or Amazon? Will try again hopefully.

    Mike L

  2. Video should load – it’s on amazon – but hey – it is pretty big!

    Mike L

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