If you are properly building out your site following the 12 Step Success Startegy System covered in the training here at Blogging Underground – you will eventually hit Blogging Critical Mass and you will start to get rankings and traffic for 100’s and even 1,000’s of keyword combinations!

The LONG TAIL will come to you! It’s your reward for building out your site and sticking with it till it hit Critical Mass!

If you start building your site with the PRIMARY and SECONDARY targets properly – the LONG TAIL WILL COME TO YOU!

You will not need to extend any effort to get those long tail weird search rankings that are impossible to target anyways!

You start with your main target and you build up your site with related secondary keyword targets! That’s the secret to getting your site to the CRITICAL MASS level where the magic starts!

Read more at the BU forum post:

More Keyword Targets Are Better than None!

May 29th by Mike L

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