Local Marketing presents a lot of fantastic new opportunities!

6/27/12 – Thanks to all for attending the webinar. It was great! For those who missed it or wish to watch it again here is the replay video!

Local Marketing is Hot webinar Info:

By popular demand guest speaker Jordan Wexler, the CEO of Smart Guy is back for another hour on June 26th to discuss how to dominate local markets and open up new revenue streams.

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Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Webinar will run from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT with Q and A afterwards.

Jordan will explain how to make money by dominating the cities where you live and gain authority as a local business leader.

We will discuss cutting edge techniques and explain how Smart Guy can help to get your foot in the door of local businesses, by giving away free web pages that rank high and bring in lots of targeted local traffic to the businesses!

Giving something away with this much value will make you look like a hero and help you make all kinds of money by serving local businesses in your area!

Advanced local marketing techniques will be covered and explained in great detail with a Q and A afterwards plus Jordan will offer an opportunity that will only be available during the event.

*Registration is closed – the REPLAY is up above!

Seating is limited so please reserve your spot now!

Local marketing is hot – see you at the webinar!

Best wishes for you online marketing success!

Jun 20th by Mike L


  1. This is a very interesting interview and opportunity. My concern though is that the company themselves offers video marketing, article marketing and web promotion services and has those links on the sites. Won’t this then cut out the business leader who owns the site and is trying to sell their own services?

    I do like a lot of the system but it seems that even the leased sites have lots of links back to info@smartguy for advertising inquiries on the main pages and won’t that then undercut the leader’s ability to sell the partner ads, text ads and other ads?

    If there are already members who are basic and didn’t upgrade to premium will the new owner get any commission on them if they were referred by someone else?


    Mike L

  2. The person who is local has the advantage of earning trust. The hard work of getting you close to potential clients has been done – it’s up to you to sell them on what you have to offer.

    Mike L

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