Need more link juice? Who doesn’t!

I just got an email from a former member asking if links in our blogs still work after all the updates and changes.


Yes. The right kind of links are still very helpful to get your pages to rank higher.

Blogging Underground can help you get a really good mix of links fast and easy!

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We have around 200 blogs covering all kinds of topics that you can post your articles in and use to link to your sites. The blogs are all indexed by Google and crawled constantly so your links will be found fast.

Wanna know a good linking secret?

One of the secret tactics that Blogging Underground members use to boost rankings is “backlinking their backlinks“!

It is very powerful to post articles on the BU blogs and LINK to the PAGES on other sites (we call them feeder sites) that are LINKING to your pages. You will make those links more powerful by linking them!

You see almost all links are good – but if those pages with the links have links pointing at them – the link juice you’ll get is even stronger!

And since very few people bother to backlink their backlinks you’ll gain a huge advantage!

Why not make all your LINKS powerful for the max impact? Link them too!

Your pages will benefit from having more good links pointing at them. That’s how link juice is boosted!

Links are better when they have more links pointing at them!

So – yes – getting the right kind of links such as those in our blogs can help you get more targeted traffic by ranking higher!

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This specially priced package has thousands of articles that you can use for posting! Hey, it’s a no brainer to get started boosting your link juice right now!

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Best wishes for your online success!

May 27th by Mike L

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