Here are some linking suggestions based on my response to a question from a Blogging Underground member who asked:

“Does the length of the article you post with your link in it have any impact on rankings? Are links in an article with 500 words better than one with 180 words?”

Both are good and also in between! There are no hard and firm rules as to how many words should be on the pages on which your backlinks appear.


Variety is the key.

Make sure that the links coming in to your URL’s are not all the same or too similar.

Mix it up. Make some shorter – some longer etc.

Keep in mind there are all kinds of footprints that can result from your linking efforts. Especially if you go overboard (usually not required!).

Footprints can help to identify when people are intentionally trying to game Google by doing robotic and repetitive methods of linking.

For example if you blast hundreds of comment links out there. That shows as a pattern.

Almost anything can be a pattern when you start to do a lot.

You’re generally safe if you follow the 12 Step Success Strategy at Blogging Underground. It only gets risky when you start to hit a larger volume of links, which in most cases isn’t even required to get top rankings for product names and medium competition keyword phrases.

The patterns can emerge when you do a lot in a short period of time.

Also the patterns can start to show if you do too much of the same things. Like if you only link on forums or in profiles etc.

If you are using the BU Network of Blogs to get contextually relevant links that should just a PART of your overall linking efforts.

Make sure you have some other links too!

The Blogging Underground blogs are here for you to get the best kind of links in relevant articles. They are not intended to be your ONLY LINKS!

Make sure you also have some links that are not perfect. Make sure you have some backlinks coming from other place. Make sure you have some social signals too.

How long should the articles be that you are posting on BU Blogs?

300 or 400 words or more would be ideal. But as little as 120 words is just fine.

But mix it up.

Sometimes I will combine several plr articles and have pages with 1,200 to 1,800 words.

Sometimes I just copy short snippets of 120 or 180 words. Mix it up.

But generally more is better than less.

The more RELATED words on the page that are similar to your link text the better – generally – as there will be more RELATED words to what you are linking in the TEXT to help you with relevance.

For the most part no links are bad links (blatant spam is the only exception) – so even a link in a short article or on a page with just a picture and a sentence will still be helpful, provided you have some other links and you have diversity.

Most types of links are OK. Image links. Even comment links.

As long as you are not blasting excessive quantities of a one type of link. That would not be normal.

The general idea is that you want to do the kinds of things that other successful sites are doing. And almost all of the bigger more successful sites that are ranking have a good variety of links and even have some BAD LINKS.

It wouldn’t be normal to have only perfect links.

So – mix it up!

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