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There is a discussion in the Blogging Underground forum about linking and what percentages you should be going after for brands and exact keywords in domains and so forth.

It is LESS IMPORTANT for a new site than for a site that already has a LOT of links coming in.

The main thing I say about getting your NEW site linked is don’t worry about PERCENTAGES of LINK TEXT too much at the beginning BUT just make sure you don’t do anything ONE WAY and 100%.

It’s really not necessary to count links on a brand new site and keep track of what link text was used x number of times BUT that said you should be including some variations so they aren’t all the same.

At the beginning when you first launch a website you are trying to establish what the site home page is about, so you really don’t need to worry too much about over doing it.

In fact – at the beginning you SHOULD be overdoing it a little! Especially IF your keyword is in the domain name!

Focus on your main target keyword for your home page and then for each URL and then every few links that are placed in the BU Blogs use a slight variation – ie shuffle the order of the words in the phrase or add an extra word before or after or in the middle.

The obnoxious patterns don’t emerge until you have a LOT of the same links coming in.

That said – as I point out in the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy Training it is important to not only target a primary keyword but also secondary keywords for the home page and each URL.

Just make sure the words you are linking to in the link text are actually on the web page.

What words are on your page that you can link?

If you want to know the 2 and 3 word phrases that are on your pages – simply drop the URL into the AUKDAT Keyword Density Analyzer Tool and it will show you all the words.

You’ll get MORE TRAFFIC if you link a good variety of the words that are appearing on your pages, rather than only a few words.

You can rank for LOTS of keywords on each page – not just one primary!

I personally don’t like putting any exact % on the link text used to link to new sites – I always just do it by how it feels and it still works well – even after Panda and all those ‘over optimization penalties” that hit a lot of sites.

Now – once a site is indexed and starts ranking for keywords and is moving up – then you need to start being aware that you must include more variations and types of links and even do some bad linking.

Yes – bad linking is good. You need some less than perfect links in order for your site to be normal.

Every site has some bad links and links that are not in your control and the search engines know this.

Once I have 30 or more “perfect links” I know that are indexed and coming in, I will consciously start to add in more link variations and “bad text” links with stuff like click here, more info on x, www.domain – add extra words – shuffle the order, misspell, capitalize, lowercase and so forth.

It is also important to make sure you have some less than perfect links coming in – ie nofollow links and bookmarks and social links – even if they are coming from shortened URLS or redirects.

Once again – we want our site to be normal and not too perfect or ‘over optimized”.

What about brands and product names?

As far as “brand” linking goes – if your site domain is a product name or company name or diferent than your primary target keyword phrase for your home page – you need to have a good amount of links to whatever that is – if you don’t have any links or only a few to the “brand” and LOTS with the keyword target that will be seen as UN-NATURAL

Example: if you domain name is but your primary target keyword is nut butter – then make sure you have a healthy amount of links for BOTH – and most likely it should be NOT TOO HEAVY for the target keyword NUT BUTTER since it is different.

ALSO – include both in some links – “ Nut Butter” or “Newtella Nuts Agogo Nut Butter” or “Nut Butter at” etc.

Just be human and you should be fine.

NOW if you are using bots or automated linking schemes – yes – you could get in trouble – but that has always been risky and we don’t suggest you do that on your money sites.

There are enough blogs spread over the globe here in the BU Blog Network so you don’t need to go automated on your money sites for the most part.

Now – if the site is a feeder and one or more layers removed from your money site – that is a different story – you can blast away on those layers – just don’t KILL your money maker by over optimizing or revealing obnoxious patterns.

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Best wishes for your online success!

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