Here is an updated video on the Keyword Research Spreadsheets in the members section of Blogging Underground which includes an in depth explanation of the new Google Keyword Planner Tool in Adwords.

Click the IMAGE BELOW to watch the video!

The video above explains how to use the new keyword research spreadsheets plus shows in great detail how to find incredible keyword opportunities using our spreadsheets or by the new Google keyword planner tool.

If you’d like to see a sample of the spreadsheets – go ahead and download the zips linked below. I’ll include a zip with 10 of the newest spreadsheets (.CSV) plus an older zip with 10 of the spreadsheets from before Google made the changes to the keyword tool.

> Newest KEYWORD OPPORTUNITIES Zip with 10 .csv format spreadsheet files

> Older format KEYWORD OPPORTUNITIES Zip with 10 .xls format spreadsheet files

There are over 71 zips in the Keyword Rsearch section for Blogging Underground members – that’s around 710 individual spreadsheets with over a million keyword opportunities!

Download the zips and see for yourself how easy it is to find great keywords!


Aug 03rd by Mike L

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