New Video – Keyword Research for Writing Articles – How To Find Keyword Opportunities

If you’re looking for more angles to get more targeted traffic from top rankings you will want to watch the brand new video I just recorded.

The video is called “Keyword Research for Writing Articles – How To Find Keyword Opportunities” and runs 42 minutes long.

Turn off Skype, lock the door and grab your favorite beverage and sit back and learn as I reveal some golden nuggets about how to find the best keyword opportunities so you can write simple articles that get top rankings and super targeted traffic that will make you more money!

Make sure you download the .free csv spreadsheet file – it’s the same one I used in the video and has some incredible keyword opportunities!

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“Keyword Research for Writing Articles – How To Find Keyword Opportunities” covers keyword research from a slightly different perspective than the original 12 Step Success Strategy training in the Blogging Underground members section, which focuses more on buying exact keyword domain names and building out sites around keywords.

While the training in the new video can also apply to getting top rankings with exact keyword domain names, this video focuses on finding the best exact match keywords and writing articles that can easily get top rankings and huge amounts of free search engine traffic!

If you pick the right keywords and create a good page for the exact keyword – you can usually rank on top with just a handful of links from the Blogging Underground blog network!

It’s really pretty easy when you know how to pick the right keywords!

Watch the “Keyword Research for Writing Articles – How To Find Keyword Opportunities” video and I will show you how to do it!

I hope you enjoy the video and that you can put into action some of the strategies I share with you in the video!

Best wishes for your online success!

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Jun 09th by Mike L


  1. Thanks Mike for this great post looking forward to more like this, in fact I’ve tweet it this and like it to my FB page so a few of my friends should pick up on this as well (couple thousands)Have a great weekend Mike talk soon.

    Best Regards,

    Darryl H.

    Mike L

  2. Hi Mike,

    I always enjoy your videos and this one was the best yet! One of these days when I actually start earning some cash online I’ll sign up with BU. Right now the cash flow is a little tight :>.

    Keep em coming!

    Mike L

  3. This is a great concept, and something with original presentaion. I like it and I will be back to give it a try!!

    Mike L

  4. Mike since the Google Keyword tool has changed, and I don’t see an option for choosing exact match now, what do we do?

    Mike L

  5. Register for a free Adwords account. You’ll get the options.

    Mike L

  6. Mike,
    Seriously I have not regretted joining both AU and BU. All that u have been saying in your videos are real. I have not done much to my site but the site is doing well. Thanks. keep the videos coming. Please do you have any article on article spinners or a video on article spinners. I would like you take on that.

    Mike L

  7. I’m not a big fan of spinning. I’d much rather cut and paste snippets from PLR articles and/or put stuff in my own words and/or add my own sentences. It’s just too easy to add your won stuff! spinning can produce some pretty awful results unless you spend time making it work. That defeats the purpose of saving time!

    Mike L

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