Are you familiar with Keyword Density?

It’s really important that you understand keyword density if you’re building web sites and targeting specific “exact match keywords”!

If you are NOT aware of your keyword density it is possible your page and/or website will be OVER OPTIMIZED and that can cause big problems!

It’s actually better to be UNDER OPTIMIZED than to have too much of a good thing!

What is your keyword density?

If you want to look at a URL and see the keyword density, you should really have a look at my free AUKDAT Keyword density Analyzer TOOL!

How often a keyword appears on a page is referred to as “keyword density”. Over optimization is when your page or site is TOO PERFECT. Stuffing a keyword will cause high keyword density and is a case of over optimization!

AUKDAT will analyze your web page URL much the same way that Google does when they look at it and score it.

AUKDAT will show you a list of ALL the single word, “two word phrases” and even “three word phrases” that appear on the web page.

You may be shocked at HOW OFTEN or HOW LITTLE your target keywords appear on a specific URL!

Most people who build highly seo’d sites and post keyword targeted articles do NOT pay enough attention to HOW MUCH DENSITY their keywords have on each page. The home page in particlular is vulnerable – especially when you target many SIMILAR or RELATED keyword phrases.

They start to add up fast if you aren’t careful.

If you write naturally, it usually isn’t a problem in an individual article, BUT if you follow the 12 Step Success Strategy System here at Blogging Underground you most likely are targeting a primary keyword and several secondary keywords, and if you are NOT careful as you build out your sites it is possible you may unknowingly STUFF your pages with TOO MANY occurances of your target keywords!

It’s important that we are aware that how often a keyword or “keyword phrase” appears on the URL is a factor that Google uses to rank pages (and possible penalize a site for).

It can work in our favor if we have a keyword appear prominently on our page – OR – it can HURT US big time if the keyword appears TOO OFTEN!

Recently I had a member who was frustrated his site dropped off of Googles front page and he said it seemed like it had STINK ON IT.

At first it was said that the site followed the 12 Step Success Strategy – but as it turned out when I analyzed the site it was KEYWORD STUFFING his target phases.

Over optimizing is NOT part of the 12 Step Success Strategy! We need to create good web site experiences for the people who visit and also make the sites appealing to Google.

Keyword stuffing is something Google considers a web-spammer technique. High keyword density or 100% of the same link text simply doesn’t work these days. Sometimes when you try TOO HARD you can actually HURT YOURSELF.

It’s just not natural to have the SAME EXACT keywords APPEAR CONSTANTLY on a page – or even site wide. It’s also NOT NATURAL or likely a URL on a site would have 100% of it’s extrenal links pointing at it contain the same exact link text!

In the real world the most popular sites don’t always do things perfectly – MORE OFTEN than not they are NOT doing too much SEO!

It’s just not natural for a web page to have ALL of the text links pointing at it with the same link text. Some say even 70% of the same exact link text is too much. Whatever you do – just try to vary your link text and include extra words and shuffle the order and also make sure you even have a few NON-perfect links like with CLICK HERE or with the web address!

LINK DIVERSITY is important. Both in the text in the anchor tags and in the places that are linking. Spread the love as I often say in training!

It’s the patterns that kill you.

Don’t do any ONE thing too much!

So back to the site that the member was asking me to analyze.

It seemed like a normal site to the naked eye.

Sure – I immediately noticed he used his target keyword TWO TIMES in the title tage – which in itself will hurt a site – but it wasn’t until I dropped into the AUKDAT keyword tool and analyzed his home page and saw the keyword density was OFF THE CHARTS high!

No wonder his site dropped. THE ON PAGE FACTORS were SUPER SPAMMY!

Every link in the sidebar had his TARGET KEYWORD.

Other links on the page had it.

The “keyword phrase” appeared TWO TIMES in the title tag! That’s a big no no!

One keyword appeared around 66 times on the page and another “exact phrase” appeared 22 times!

That is a classic case of OVER OPTIMIZATION!

Google would call it keyword stuffing and spamming.

back 2 school secret URL offer

While the training at BU is pretty complete – I need to remind you guys that YOU are responsible for the WORDS you put on your websites.

The strategy we use works – if you build good sites and get the kind of links suggested in the training you can get on top and stay on top!

I’m doing it and I know other members are doing it too. I hear about it all the time!

But sometimes – we build sites that don’t work.

It’s not gauaranteed that every site will get on page one. Some sites never make it. There could be any number of reasons. That’s why it is so important that the 12 Step Success Strategy is followed closely.

It helps us keep things simple and on target so we can see what works and what doesn’t.

Usually when I look at sites that members say have trouble ranking on Google, I find patterns that may not be visible to the human eye – but certainly are to Google.

Often it’s keyword density or on page factors – sometimes it’s because some kind of submission blasting was done – such as using article submission software and killing a site by having too many links with the same link text etc.

If you follow the steps in the BU training you can achieve success pretty easily. I’d even say most of the time. Just be aware that EVERYTHING you do – even things NOT in the 12 steps can have an impact.

It’s not always easy to see what we are doing wrong. I am happy to help.

Sometimes we are TOO CLOSE to our own sites to see obvious things that Google sees.

If you are a current member and have a site you want analyzed – I’d be happy to do it.

Simply login to the forum and give me the info. Myself and other members will be more than happy to get you on the right path!

Here is one post in the forum where I analyze a site and found the keyword density was so high it was hurting the site.

Please check it out. It’s a long discussion with some emotional cries for help, but in the end we figured it out and the member has a new outlook on things.

If what you are doing is NOT working – usually there is a way to find out what is wrong. So don’t give up until you give us a chance to help you!

Sep 13th by Mike L


  1. I was getting a feeling that sites were being penalised for over-optimisation, particularly if link text is repeated multiple times. Google are constantly saying you need to write naturally so I only use keyword phrases 2-3 times in a 400-600w article these days.

    Mike L

  2. Mike,

    You are so right.

    For many years I have been an offline science writer and publishers will only buy the best manuscripts so I have to do a good job. Writing online copy is very different and over recent years there has been very little really good and well written text.

    Much of the online problem has centered around the use of keywords which are essential for the search engines. Unfortunately some program writers have produced products that blast identical keywords at target websites. Also many self appointed experts tell people to stuff their sites with identical keywords. That has now come to a sticky end thanks to Google.

    Google has some very clever people on its staff and they have gradually found ways to recognize the good writing and differentiate it from the spammy texts. That suits me. I find it easier and easier to rank against those sites that buy dubious programs to try and trick Google.

    Like you advise, just write naturally and avoid link patterns.

    Mark Bidwin.

    Mike L

  3. Thanks for the good advice Mark!

    It’s really difficult to help people to write because it is something you need to have under your belt in order to communicate properly. However what I try to relay to people is that you should be able to write naturally without thinking too much about how often words appear and just let it flow, almost like you are having a conversation about a topic (or keyword as a topic) and it should turn out ok.

    Unfortunately I often see people take advice to the extremes. Keywords in articles is a good example because some people think if 1 is good 20 must be really good. Not always so! If it’s not natural it will hurt you rather than help you!

    Mike L

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