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Nov 25th by admin

It is NOT harder now to get a top ranking than before the Penguin update!

Sure – we’ve hit a few bumps in the road since April when Google shook things up a little – but now after the dust has settled it’s still fun and easy to build web sites and get top rankings using the 12 Step Success Strategy System!

I was just explaining in a thread in the Blogging Underground members forum that while it may seem like things got more complicated after the Panda Penguin updates, that it is still very easy to get top rankings AND keep them on top if you follow the basic principles of the 12 Step Success Strategy System here at Blogging Underground.

For the most part – depending on what keywords you go after – you don’t need to do that much once you’ve gotten to the top for your target keyword.

Simply keep the blog fresh with a new post once in a while, try to add good articles as pages once in a while!

I still put up new sites and just by following the basic 12 steps strategy I am getting my sites to the top very fast. And they do usually drop but it’s easy to get them back up on top.

I find adding a new post to the blog is often enough. It shows them the site is fresh and gives them more confidence and they will move you back upwards.

For safety and insurance a few extra social signals are a good idea – but are optional.

I don’t always do a lot of them and I still get on top pretty easy for most keywords doing the usual 12 Step Success Strategy stuff I’ve always been doing.

Some of the new domains I neglect will get to the top and then a week or two later will drop a little, but a new post always seems to push them back up.

Looking back at what happened in the few months after Penguin – I can now say that the basic rules haven’t really changed so much.

Good relevant in-content links work. It’s still what Google loves. If you can get links with your keyword in the content of good related articles you’ll do well.

So just build some good sites doing the stuff shown in the 12 Step Success Strategy System and also do a few extra social things and you should be all set!

Not hard at all!

Jul 24th by admin

Hi it’s Mike Liebner from Blogging Underground!

A fantastic way to gain trust and establish credibility with your customers and subscribers is by regularly offering them something of value for free that they will appreciate.

Training videos are perfect for this IF the videos have REAL value and aren’t simply a “product pitch”.

I regularly create and share innovative and fresh training videos with my list and it works very well to create good will and as an added bonus it also stimulates sales.

The content I provide keeps people on my list happy and subscribed! You too can use my videos to create good will AND it will make some sales for you too!

I  just recorded a brand new 42 minute BU training video on Keyword Research which is the perfect promo tool to use to get people familiar with how great a Blogging Underground membership is! It’s a really great video that has lots of info on keyword research for both beginners and intermediate skill levels!

It’s a powerful video that is loaded with strategies, tips and valuable training of the highest caliber that typically can only be found in paid products – but this one is free!

You can establish good will by turning your people on to it!

I’ll make it easy for you by providing you 2 simple cut and paste options to share the video and set a cookie for Blogging Underground.

1. Use my landing page – I have created a simple plain web page on my blog with the video on it and will give you the URL*** to use so that your cookie will be set (easiest way).

Suggested copy (feel free to change this): (Continue Reading)

Jun 10th by admin

08 Jun 2011

For those regsitered partners waiting to see if they have won an iPad 2 in our JV Sales Contest – we’re still waiting for the refund period to end so we can tabulate the gross sales.

The Official Launch Contest ended on May 10 – so we’ll be awarding prizes shortly after the end of the 60 day Clickbank refund period on approximately July 10, 2011.

All winners will be notified by email of their prizes and we’ll make arrangements to send you your iPad (or Android equivalent).

Thanks for being a part of our launch!

Jun 08th by admin

Thursday, May 5, 2011  

There are still 5 days left for our grand opening sales contest and that means if you want to win an iPad 2 it’s time to start mailing out and getting people to join Blogging Underground!

This is the easiest sales contest ever as you only need to hit $1,200, in gross sales to win a brand new iPad 2!

The easiest way is to send people to the all new Blogging Underground home page!

It’s a winner! It’s working hard to convert visitors with all new videos and some hot new bonuses for the grand opening!

If you need your affiliate links, landing pages or banners – please stop by the Affiliate Center! Login is at:


We also have a brand new promo tool video which is a fantastic helper to convert people who need a little extra info before joining a membership like Blogging Underground! The video does a fantastic job of pre-selling so all you need to do is get them to watch it – it’ll do all the work!

Use our “Advanced URL” feature to cookie this page:


If you want to use this URL as a custom landing page do it using the “Advanced URL” feature in the Super Affiliate Center”!

The tool makes it easy to use ANY URL you want as a landing page! Login and go to:


Contest rules are here by the way:


Let me know if you need any help.


Mike Liebner

You can also get me at support:


May 05th by admin

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here from Blogging Underground

Have you heard about the jumbo sized bonuses we have for the official launch of Blogging Underground? They’re incredible!

I wanted to let you know there are some awesome Blogging Underground official launch BONUSES that are blowing people away! They are helping to get people to join!

The bonuses are full products and make it worth joining BU just for them! You’ve got to tell people! They’re loving these!

What are the big launch bonuses?

We’ve got Nanobloggers from Peter Spaepen (one of my favorite eBooks ever!), Rank N Pillage Extended from Brian G Johnson (awesome videos!), 10 Commandments of Keyword Research from Jim Morris, John Alexander’s best selling ebook Wordtracker Magic Keyword Forensics and 4800 Instant PLR Articles of your choice, to name just a few of the instant bonuses you get when you join Blogging Underground right now during our official launch celebration!

I’ve been a madman since opening the doors to Blogging Underground one week ago. I intended to be more nurturing to those of you who need help – but it’s been a huge time drain getting all the things just right! The good news is everything is working well!

 I’ve never done anything like this ever with so much time and effort crammed into such a short space! But the results are worth it as we have more new members and lots of great ideas bouncing around the membership!

If you need banners or swipe emails – please login to the Super Affiliate Center


May 03rd by admin


The Doors are open and sales are coming in!

It’s only been a little over an hour since we opened the doors for the official Grand Opeing launch of Blogging Underground and is a PERFECT TIME to mail out to your LIST or tell friends to visit BU!

If you need your affiliate links, landing pages or banners – please stop by the Affiliate Center! Login is at:


It’s very exciting to see the traffic graph and Clickbank sales JUMP like they are and we’re only 1 hour into the launch!

The server is definitely getting some heavy action but so far all is well!

The traffic is still increasing – but so far – our resources are holding up!

The biggest worry is over as the LAUNCH started and all is well with the pages loading super fast and all the new videos playing fine!

That reminds me – we also have a brand new video release today as “Link Your Way To The Top” has been posted and is online!

It’s 48 minutes of top strategic brilliance (if I say so myself!) Go get it! It’s hot!

Register for Blogs Equal Money email updates and you’ll be sent the link to the video page right after you sign up!

Let me know if you need any help!

Apr 26th by admin

At this moment it is only 19 Hours till the BU blast off on Tuesday, April 26th at 12 PM EST

Hey it’s Mike Liebner here and I am smiling despite all the stress that a product launch can provide!

I’m smiling because the buzz is already building for Blogging Underground and it really feels good!

Did you know that you can specify your own landing page for any of our products using the advanced link feature in our affiliate center?

The landing page could be a bonus offer, case study, your own review page on the product or any page on our site or your site.

It will trigger your cookie so you get credit when they buy any Blogging Underground product on Clickbank!

For example, if you’ve written an enthusiastic review, you can send visitors to that article instead of the sales page. Specify the review URL in the form and we will create a custom AFF URL. If your visitor purchases, you will be credited for the sale.

The URL’s generated are also helpful in protecting your affiliate link from being hijacked as it redirects to the page without the affiliate link being visible!

Here is an example using a teaser video you can use to promote – it runs 10 minutes and creates buzz for the supporting PDF and Video freebies to be released with the official launch:


That’s my CB NICKNAME – replace 1000001 with your own handle if you want to use the above! Or login to the Super Affiliate Center to create your own at:


This week I’ll be sending you another email with more URL’s you can use as landing pages for your custom AFF LINKS!

Also a reminder – if you send emails that have your affiliate link in them, it’s usually a good practice to cloak them!

Here is the code I added to my .htaccess file to cloak the above link:

Redirect /linkyourwaypreview http://www.bloggingunderground.com/go.php?offer=1000001&pid=3&u=www.bloggingunderground.com/videos/linkyourway-teaser/&tid=1000001

The above code allows me to use a “pretty URL” to redirect them to my affiliate link!


Isn’t that cool? You can’t even tell it’s triggering an affiliate cookie!

Well – that is all for now! I appreciate your support!

Best wishes for your success!

Apr 25th by admin

OK, I admit it – I enjoy being the digital artist and doing graphics and such – so I have created a gigantic selection of banners for partners and affiliates to use to promote Blogging Underground.

You can find the full lineup of banners HERE – it’s a jumbo sized page with tons of BU banners – so please be patient when that loads. Also – I’ll be adding more shapes and sizes and varieties in the next week as we get ready for the launch!

If you need a specific size or type of banner – please let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Here is a sampling of some of the more recent banners added to the Super Affiliate Center.

>>> MORE banners HERE

Apr 20th by admin

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here and I am very excited about the buzz that is building during our pre-launch in anticipation of the official launch of Blogging Underground!

In one week on April 26, 2011 at 12 PM EST  Blogging Underground will open up it’s doors for the official grand opening launch!

JV SALES CONTEST – Win an Apple iPad 2!

There is an exciting JV Marketing Partner sales contest with new Apple iPad 2′s as prizes for registered affiliates during the 2 week period of April 26, 2011 through May 10, 2011


This contest is unique in that ALL registered partners that achieve $1,200. in gross sales during the 2 week period (less refunds of course) will be awarded a brand new Apple iPad 2.

For complete details and the offical rules login to the Super Affiliate Center – please make sure you are registered as a partner to qualify for the prizes!

I’m finalizing the promo materials for JV’s and Super Affiliates to use to promote BU both during the pre-launch and after the doors open.

In the next few days I will be releasing more details and providing links to and details about materials including videos, rebrandable special reports and more tools to help you spread the word!

If you haven’t already watched it – please check out the video tour of the Blogging Underground Super Affiliate Center where you will find all the tools and details!

Register as a JV now so we can help you make more money!

> REGISTER HERE – we’ll give you access to our tools and training.

All the really good stuff is in the Super Affiliate Center!

> LOGIN HERE – if you have already registered this is the entrance

> INFORMATION – details about the Super Affiliate Center and our Affiliate program

> Terms and Conditions for Affiliates – our affiliate agreement

Best wishes for your success as a marketing partner!

Mike Liebner


Apr 19th by admin

Blogging Underground is going to create a big buzz with our official launch!

In just 8 days we’ll be opening the doors to Blogging Underground memberships at 12 PM EST on April 26th, 2011.

JV Partners and Affiliates can REGISTER HERE to gain access to our Super Affiliate Center

Stay tuned to this blog and if you confirmed your email we’ll also be sending out update emails throughout the launch!

As always if you need help or want to talk to me – the best way is filling out a support ticket.

Register as a JV now so we can help you make more money!

> REGISTER HERE – we’ll give you access to our tools and training.

All the really good stuff is in the Super Affiliate Center!

> LOGIN HERE – if you have already registered this is the entrance

> INFORMATION – details about the Super Affiliate Center and our Affiliate program

> Terms and Conditions for Affiliates – our affiliate agreement

Best wishes for your success as a marketing partner!

Mike Liebner


Apr 19th by admin

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