I have TOO MANY ideas to automate things that can make more money marketing!

Hey, I’m not complaining – I’m bragging!

Ever since I discovered that non-programmers like me can build our own automation bots, I have been furiously writing down my ideas so I don’t forget all of the incredible opportunities I am thinking of on a daily basis!

Hi, its Mike Liebner here, and I want to share an important discovery about automating my marketing efforts which totally changes my game plan for 2013!

I’m sure you’ll feel the same way and that’s why I want to invite you to my special live webinar event this Thursday at 4 PM PST on Feb. 21, 2013!

>>> Replay Video from the Automation Profits Webinar

My special guest for the webinar is Seth Turin an expert in automation with software and we’re going to show you how easy it is to use drag and drop software to automate almost any browser or desktop function and turn it into self running software!

NOW almost everything I do during a routine day turns into an idea for automation! Every product I see or article I read turns into new ideas for bots!

I’ve got so many exciting new ideas to save time automating tedious repetitive tasks and best of all – these are perfect ideas for software products!

How about building bots for automating tedious stuff like creating free email accounts on autopilot and even verifying them (we’ll give you this bot at the webinar by the way)…

How about your own bots for:

  • - creating profiles for web 2 and social accounts
  • - finding data to use in reports and on web sites
  • - scraping current hot trends, trending tweets, top selling lists, breaking news
  • - batch processing text, data, articles, spinning
  • - posting to web 2 and social sites and auto bookmarking and linking
  • - automated tweets and posts from scraped data or rss feed submissions
  • - automate tweets, pinging, pinning pics, schedule blogging

The possibilities for automation are unlimited, but just in case to make sure YOU have lots of new ideas to make more money with automation, we’re going to do a massive brain dump during the webinar and share with you all kinds of ideas to automate things to help you make more money!

You missed the live event – but we do have replay video!!!

>>> Replay Video from the Automation Profits Webinar

Don’t miss this special one of a kind live webinar event on Thursday, February 21, 2013 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST and see how you can change the course of your future!

This may just be the big break you have been waiting for!

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Feb 18th by Mike L

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