Every once in a while I will get questions and will share the answers with you. Here is one I just got today. It may help you too as the questions are fairly common!

1. If I discontinue membership will I lose all of my backlinks?

2. Does this require a script to be place on my site?

3. Do the blogs that I place the backlinks on have to be relevant to my blog?


I’m happy to help.

I’ll answer your questions but you will also find a lot of info in the Blogging Underground FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

1. We don’t delete the posts unless they are spam or have dead links – so your backlinks will be long lasting – even if you cancel.

Now – if you request a refund we delete all of your posts and ban you from re-joining. I guess that’s one reason we have such a LOW refund rate!

2. No scripts need to be installed period – links are one way and you get them by posting in the blogs – so no software needs to be installed. You just need a good browser and a decent interent connection to get started posting in the blogs!

3. The Posts that link to your site must be relevant. That’s our secret and part of the reason we get top rankings so easy!

It’s very easy to be relevant. We have many ALL TOPICS blogs with tons of categories – so it is easy to find relevant blogs to post on for almost any keyword (except banned words that are not family freindly).

 Also – you can make your post fit the theme of the “Topic Specific” blog very easily by simply adding a few extra sentences so your post fits in contextually.

Example: Our Actors Actresses blog is about ENTERTAINMENT so find a way to make your post fit! So let’s take teeth whitening – simply make the post about Actors needing white teeth and you’ll be fine.

Otherwise the post would spammy and out of place if you didn’t make it relate to actors.

This helps our blogs keep their value and trust level high with Google. That means your links count for more than if we allowed OFF TOPIC posts.

I hope that helps! You’ll find more at:


May 04th by Mike L

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