Have you been considering building your own personal feeder blog network so you can use them for linking to your money sites?

It’s an option BUT NOT the only option! It takes time and money to do it right!


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Registering a domain and setting up hosting is NOT FUN! Imagine doing that with 5 or 10 or a 100 domains!

Why would you want to waste time and mess around and get stuck doing all kinds of work building your own blog network when you have our blogs to post in?

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here and as you may already know, I have a blog network with around 200 quality blogs from myself and Blogging Underground members that are spread out on servers all over the world!

If you want fast and easy backlinks – then you need a Blogging Underground membership so you can post articles and get high quality contextual text links in our blogs pointing anywhere you want!

Just like it’s your own blog network!

BUT you won’t have to wait and spend lots of time doing unpleasant things before they’re even ready to post in.

As a Blogging Underground member you simply login – pick the blog you want to post in in our Blog Post Utility (the BPU)  – paste your article and links (up to 2 backlinks per article) – PUSH PUBLISH and the BPU will post your article immediately so your links get found fast and start working to boost your rankings.

That’s the way to do it!

Sure – it’s nice to have your own blogs so you can get links when you need them – if you have time and money to buy domains and set them up on servers go ahead – but why bother setting up your own network when you can gt links now! Login and pick from over 200 domains and post any time you want links!

Sign up to Blogging Underground right now to take advantage of 100’s of blogs that are aged, indexed constantly and ready to send you link juice?

And if you do it right now you will save big! We’re offering the best deal ever!

Special Offer for Blogging Underground and our Blog Network!

Come by and watch the videos and see how cool it is to post in our network of high quality blogs!

Also watch my new linking tips video to see the best way to get PERFECT TEXT LINKS so you can rank higher!

If you want to do it right you need to see this video!

Sep 04th by Mike L

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