I originally wrote this article as a post in the Blogging Underground Members Forum in the Tips for Beginners section. I thought it’d be worthwhile to share it here on the BU Blog so more people would see it!
“The one thing that all successful people have in common is that they have failed before they became successful.”

I can’t remember who I borrowed that from, but it makes so much sense! If you are not afraid of failing you’ll achieve success faster than if you concenetrate on trying not to do things wrong. :D

I’ve been helping people do this web publishing thing for over 5 years now and the one thing I see over and over again is how beginners will often try to figure out everything exactly just right before they do ANYTHING.

The key here is that this FRIGHT prevents people from taking their first step.

I’ll spare launching into a whole newbies pep talk – but what I will share is that the fastest way to get UP TO SPEED is by getting out there and making your first mistakes!

That’s right! You just need to start doing this stuff – even if it is not really good at first.

One thing you can do just to get moving at a faster pace is to sign up for FREE HOSTED BLOGS like at http://www.wordpress.com or http://www.blogger.com and just start DOING stuff!

Don’t PLAN OUT what you’re doing – they’re free blogs so there is ZERO PRESSURE! Just start adding new blogs – don’t over think it – and you’ll be on the fast track towards expert status!

I suggest doing it for FUN first – try writing short to the point posts and have fun with it. Don’t try to sell anything or get #1 for a keyword yet – just put stuff out there!

By pushing the buttons and seeing how things work you will get a feeling of confidence and it will help you as you try to understand the concepts we teach at Blogging Underground.

Since you will have already pushed the POST (PUBLISH) button a few times it won’t be as hard to take your first seps towards trying to make money doing this stuff!

Well – I hope that helps – go to http://www.Google.com and search for “free hosted blog” or free blog hosting and start signing up for a few of these and using them as your practice sites! They are good by the way for linking and getting traffic too! So your efforts signing up to free hosted blogs will not be wasted!

Well! Good luck on your quest for success!
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