I just had a question from a subscriber asking how to get more traffic to a thin content site that was mainly flash and only had around a paragraph of actual text – he wanted to know if he could get any traffic without adding a blog.

I responded that unless you have words on the pages that Google can index – you’ll always have trouble getting free search engine traffic.

At the very least add article pages to your site with words around your main content and direct people to other places on the site with the internal links. Then get external links to the main keywords on your pages.

Use the free AUKDAT keyword tool to see which keywords appear on your page the most and then try to get a few text links using the keyword phrase as link text. The “announcement blogs” in the BU Blog Network are perfect to do this.

Keyword Density Tool

Your free traffic will increase significantly if you have links to the keywords that are on your pages.

AUKDAT tool will tell you the 3 word phrases that appear the most. Make sure you have links using those keywords!

As for adding a blog – it’s an easy way to get more pages on your domain that have REAL CONTENT (not just flash)..

You can very easily add a WordPress blog in a sub-directory so it does not interfere with anything already there. They’re easy to install and are very easy to add article pages to – or short newsy posts.

I suggest you get a free account at http://www.wordpress.com to see how easy it is to use a blog. The free blogs they give you are pretty much the same as if you install one yourself. Anyone can post in a blog and the traffic you get from Google will be worth the little time required.

Nov 23rd by Mike L

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