Very often I get questions asking if the stuff in the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy System Training – especially the Pages NOT Posts site structure works on older sites already built another way – or if they should rebuild old sites from scratch.

While I realize what I have been teaching is very compelling and makes a lot of sense,  PLEASE don’t go out and tear down your existing sites – especially if they are getting traffic and making you money!

That said you can start adding the pages and posts strategy to what you have been doing. Allow me to expand on this a little.

Building good websites and getting a lot of free traffic from Google is largely dependent on earning their trust.

Have you already earned their trust with your site? Or have you done things that may be considered evil or contrary to what Google would prefer you did?

It’s not so simple as just saying YES or NO to using my strategy on your older sites. There are always BUTS and IFS and no single way of dealing with sites already set up.

Does this stuff work on blogs or web sites made before you found my system or set up differently?

Simple answer is yes it can work.

Many times it works great by just posting articles in the announcement blogs we make available to members.  > > >Linking your sites in the BU blog network is a powerful way to gain authority for an existing site.

Adopting my way of doing things from this point on may be enough to turn the traffic faucet on and score big time.

You do NOT have to rebuild or replace anything if you have existing sites UNLESS the sites themselves are WORTHLESS or have had serious problems getting any traffic.

While my ways do work – please realize I am just a guy who figured stuff out – I am not the absolute authority – so the stuff I suggest is based on my experience and what works for me.

I try lots of different things and some things work and some don’t.

The 12 Step Success Strategy System training is simple and focused only on what I know works and works for the long term. So if you follow it you will not need to do a lot of trial and error to find out what works.

Can you do it other ways or blend in approaches?

Of course. It might work.

But the best most predictable results will come from when you closely follow the steps in order doing all of the things as suggested in the 12 Step Success Strategy training – especially with your site structure and linking practices.

As for changing old posts with articles into pages or restructuring an existing site – don’t do it – keep what you have – especially if it already gets rankings and traffic.

What I would suggest is to keep what you have – BUILD upon what you already earned and start doing things the way I suggest from this day forward.

Add NEW pages with your best content and every time you create a page also create a post and link to your page on your own blog to announce it, as well as posting in the BU Blog Network to get good quality relevant external links coming in.

It’s not about brute force PageRank juice or blasting massive numbers of links.

It’s about EARNING TRUST from relevant in-content links from pages that have relevance for the keywords you are trying to get #1 rankings for.

You CAN change the way they think about you – but instead of trying to make things WORK that are not working – you’re better off adding NEW STUFF and doing it the right way from this time forward.

Eventually you can bring a dead site back to life – BUT – that said – it’s really much easier to start things off the right way and gain success based on doing ALL the right things.

You’ll gain trust faster and become an authority for you main keyword and the related keywords you go after if you start off on the right foot and earn trust from the day you start your site.

It’s not that all OLD sites can’t gain super powers – but IF you did any spammy things UNLESS you fix them – they still know about your history and what you’ve done and it will be harder to gain magical powers to rank for almost any related keyword you target.

Should Google trust a site they penalized in the past??? I guess it depends. They might trust you a little… but is that enough?

The truth is we don’t now what they think or how they regard a site that has been a dog. It may be as simple as fixing something or it may never come back and do great things. It’s a risk.

Starting off clean gives you a better chance at earning the trust so Google gives you the magic super powers you need to gain what I call critical mass and earn authority status. That’s where the big money is at.

And this game is all about leveraging strength and power and focusing our time doing the things we know work – and spending less time on things that may NOT bring us a good return.

So – can you do the stuff I teach on your old sites? Yes – but trust me – starting some new sites doing the right things will work much better with a greater chance of “easy success”!

Jan 07th by Mike L


  1. Eric, I’m enjoying the training and the opportunity to resell your sites. I just had problems putting the autoresponder on the squeeze page. I can truly say I am learning a lot from you and your partner. I have to listen closely due to his thick accent, but he’s cool. How would I remove the autoresponder and install one from aweber since he is using aweber?

    You guys are great. Keep up the good work and keep the all important info coming. You have one satisfied customer. LOL!!!!!

    Mike L

  2. I have just put together a site from scratch using the 12 steps you outline at I already own first page Google results for many keywords. It definitely works. I have also been using the Blog Posting Utility to get links to some of my other sites with success.

    Mike L

  3. Great article mike.
    Thanks for all you do.

    Mike L

  4. I am new to your program. In the past, I have been les i circles. You are the first person to acknowledge tht something can or cannot work. Thank you for your honesty. I am looking forward to be working with you.

    Mike L

  5. Very intreresting blog. It was very interesting. I was looking exaxtly for this. Thank you for your effort.

    Mike L

  6. Hi Mike
    When you refer to old sites do you mean static HTML sites?
    My site is an HTML site and I do get traffic as I have a lot of unique content pages (not posts).
    I am thinking of adding a blog to take advantage of web2.0 is this the best way forward?
    German Shepherd Dogs-Don’t You Just Love Them!

    Mike L

  7. It is always good to have a blog on a site! Even if you add it to an existing site that is doing well!

    Blogs add more pages and keep your site fresh. If you structure the blog properly and the links have your target keywords you will most likely boost the rankings of all your connected pages – especially the home page and any other pages yuo link site wide!

    Mike L

  8. Couple of years ago i heard about blog and i thought it was boring and about a month ago my friend introduce me WordPress and i start loving it since then. i like your website. it has detailed articles which i like a lot. thanks :)

    Mike L

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