Do you want to get a lot of free traffic from Google?

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here from Blogging Underground and I want to tell you about something I call “Critical Mass” and how it can help you make more money than you ever dreamed was possible from a web site!

If you can – please print this – I assure you it’s worth reading this a few times!

Critical Mass is when your site achieves super powers and gets so much traffic it practically causes your web hosting server to melt down from all the traffic! Sometimes it actually does!

Is your web site getting this kind of massive traffic?

More importantly is your domain getting loads of free traffic like we get from Google from top rankings for many MANY different combinations of related keywords?

If the answer is NO – why not?

It’s easier than you may think to get this kind of massive free traffic – but you’re going to need a plan. You need a simple strategy that you can actually follow from A to Z.

In the 12 Step Success Strategy video training I provide to members of Blogging Underground, my goal is to guide members to build out sites to achieve massive success, or what I call “Critical Mass”.

Critical Mass is when a site you create gains SUPER POWERS and it seems no matter what keyword you go after you can easily get to the top of Google.

The goal is SITE WIDE SUCCESS on your domain for your exact primary target keyword AND your secondary target keywords for that niche. We want to build out a site that it has lots of related content so it will bring us much more traffic than from the typically stagnant mini-site.

Sure – it may be rewarding to get a top ranking and a little traffic for one really good page – but the really big payoff is when over time you build out a solid 10 or 15 page site that gets HUGE traffic for a large number of related keywords.

That’s where the big money is at!

And I am NOT talking about building HUGE sites with never ending content. NO WAY! That’s the beauty of my 12 Step Success Strategy! We build sites with the goal of getting 10 or 15 good article pages up and that’s it!

You start with 1 main target keyword for your home page and then you build out your site to support it with additional pages targeting your related secondary keywords. They all work together to create magic for your whole site – especially the home page – BUT also all of your OTHER important pages too!

A site that hits Critical Mass and has achieved respect and reputation is going to have 100’s and 1,000’s of keyword combinations that bring lots of targeted traffic to all of your important URLS and while you may think you need to have 1,000’s of pages – guess again – each page on your site should be snagging 100’s or even 1,000’s of top rankings from ALL of the keyword combinations that people search for!

The goal is to build pages that each rank on top for lots of keywords! That’s the secret!

If you want to hit the big time what you need is to follow a well structured plan like the one I teach in the Blogging Underground members section. It’s not hard, but you need to make sure you do what it takes to achieve Critical Mass!

The main thing you need to do is smart linking. Links help create the magic you need!

If you want to create a site that gets tons of free targeted search engine traffic for 100’s and 1,000’s of keywords, then you need to tell Google which pages on your site are important.

There are too many garbage pages to distract them. Unless you TELL THEM by linking to the important ones – they won’t know which pages are the most important and what keywords to rank them for.

You need to have GOOD KEYWORD RELEVANT links pointing at your most important URL’s on your site! That’s where Blogging Underground really shines! Our blog network currently has over 350 blogs (and growing) which you can use to link exactly the right way to get all of your most important pages on top of Google!

So which URL’s on your site are important???

To Google – the most important URL’s on your site are the ones that have links pointing at them from the outside world. This tells them your page is important enough that someone would link to the URL from an external web site!

The 12 Step Success Strategy training videos at Blogging Underground along with our powerful blog network will help you build your site and link to it so it will gain magical powers!

There is an “External/Internal Linking Diagram PDF” for members that has a detailed chart with my recommended linking procedure.

Refer to it after you have your blog set up and have added a few pages to your site.

There is an art to properly using external links and this diagram shows specifically how to use just 16 of the Blogging Underground “announcement blogs” to fully push your domain to the top.

If you want your site to hit critical mass you need to have a site wide reputation for your cluster of related keywords. The best way to do this is by smart linking the Blogging Underground way!

Well – that’s enough on “Critical Mass” – it’s really amazing how much traffic a site can get when you achieve this. It’s really not that hard – you just need to stick with a site and build it out and link to it the right way. Blogging Underground will help you do this!

There is a great 49 minute “overview video” you can watch that will describe all of the steps you need to do to build out a site with the goal of hitting Critical Mass.

> The 12 Steps Overview video is HERE

Please lock the door and put up a do not disturb sign and watch this thing all the way through. It will tell you all the steps and give you an idea of what we cover in great detail inside the Blogging Underground membership.

I’m really proud of this training and I am thrilled that so many members are already connecting with it! I hope that you can get some value from it too and start building sites that hit Critical Mass and make you a ton of money!

> Screenshots – recently took some grabs to document a site hitting critical mass

> How many keywords – how to build a site that gets many top rankings

Thanks for reading this and best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

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