A great question came in regarding my previous blog post Fluctuation Happens where I discussed fluctuations in rankings.

“In your latest blog post, you say: “If you follow the 12 Step Success Strategy and you were not too aggressive you should be safe from getting hit hard with penalties.” What exactly do you mean by “too aggressive”? Could you please expand on this?”

Great question!

We do not know the exact answers…

That’s why we are pretty careful about what we do and for the most part only do the things we know Google likes – such as the steps shown in the 12 Step Success Strategy.

So what is too aggressive and what might happen to those that are TOO AGGRESSIVE?

First keep in mind that when a SEARCH ENGINE PENALTY occurs we rarely if ever KNOW IT.

No one notifies us.

Google doesn’t send a note along with a message saying YOUR BLOG SUCKS or YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.

BUT we may notice our site or specific pages drop in rankings – or all pages of the site may drop significantly.

Then in extreme cases a site can just fall off the map and not show up on any search results – even the obvious ones (such as site name or ‘exact keywords” found nowhere else).

So why do these penalties occur?

They mainly occur because Google has expectations based on all their data and observations over the years as to what SPAMMERS do.

Spammers are usually OVERLY AGGRESSIVE and want FAST RESULTS.

Anything that would potentially be considered as out of the normal range for a typical web site or blog could trigger a penalty or a human review by Google.

Then you’re up to the whim of the human reviewer and/or the RULES that Google sees you as breaking and drops a penalty on you.

Who knows what those are!

For example if it is a new site a TRIGGER could be a SUDDEN BURST of continuous or reptitive activity of a certain kind or an UNUSUAL PATTERN of links coming in the same way or a large number of a certain kind of links from places or with a characteristic that is not TYPICAL.

This usually happens with MASS SUBMISSIONS or AUTOMATED SOFTWARE that does things like a robot – not like a human.

AGGRESSIVE behavior outside the realm of normal could cause anything from a slight penalty all the way to a big one… perhaps even a massive penalty or BANNING of a site depending on all the variables associated with the web site being “too aggressive”.

So – what I do is play it safe.

I only do what I know works and I avoid all the the stuff that has gotten me in trouble or is known to cause problems.

The 12 Step Success Strategy is a streamlined and simple way of building websites only doing the right things and trying to NOT do the things we know might cause prioblems.

Feb 17th by Mike L


  1. I recently bought a program that claims it can create hundreds of backlinks to PLIGG social sites in minutes. I have not used it yet and after reading your post I am now reluctant to use it. If it could be set to do a few a day and spread out over days or weeks I might try it but not the way it is. Thanks for the post.

    Mike L

  2. I’ve been a victim of rank fluctuations when I used another back linking strategy in which my sites dropped out of site. It took a long time for them to return to their previous rankings. I no longer use any other back linking strategies besides Blogging Underground and have realized that although it takes more time and effort to post articles, in the long run is is well worth the time and effort. In addition, I have found that I can outsource the back linking.


    Mike L

  3. Hi Mike
    “Too Agressive” – What you really mean is don’t try to cheat the search engines! Google and the like will spot it a mile away, automated software, buying links, gaming the search engines.
    They are far too clever for all these so called ‘Gurus’ that come up with the latest gizmo software to ‘beat the search engines’. Yeah right, then your site gets rubbed out and you’re back to square one.
    Good unique content that the visitor likes, and answers their questions is what the search engines are looking for – then your sites achieve top rankings and more site visitors.
    Takes longer, but when you get there – you stay there!
    Google loves good, unique content.
    German Shepherd Dogs-Don’t You Just Love Them!

    Mike L

  4. Would ‘pinging’, such as a mass ping submission fall into this category?

    One strange thing I found on a site I have a while back, it was new, and one of the posts, its subject would be something that spammers often target had something like 250 links put to it. I wondered if a competitor was attempting to get me a penalty. Since I have no visible way to combat this, I assume that there is nothing that I could do about it?

    Mike L

  5. hi mike

    thanx for the info.

    so, number wise; what would you say is a safe number of “daily” backlinks would be?

    i generally do in the 2 or 3 range, and sometimes 4 if i’m doing 2 blog posts to BU (2 links on each post).

    also, when making updates like additional text, adding images, adding adsense etc. i usually do however many i feel like doing. But, i always wonder if that might be negatively impacting rankings.

    one more thing: i’m revamping a site and have a number of pages that don’t have keyword links back to my homepage.

    1. would adding say 30 of those links at one time be a problem? my way of thinking (probably wrong) :-) is that since they’re on my own site, and not a “backlink” from somewhere else; that that’d be ok. Yes? No?

    2. should these links from subsidiary pages to my homepage have varied text for the link, or is it ok to use the website keyword for each one? i know in your 12 step plan you say not to use the same text for backlinks, but wasn’t sure if that also applied to internal linking to homepage

    i think that’s about it.

    thanx again,

    Mike L

  6. just to make sure i was clear…

    when i refer to (making updates like additional text, adding images, adding adsense etc.) i mean to pre-existing pages.


    Mike L

  7. The idea is to be natural and not act like a robot or do things that are not normal for websites seeking promotion. There are no exact numbers.

    Mike L

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