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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with some info about web hosting that is very specifically tuned for WordPress blogs.

Look at the specs!

There is a customized hosting plan for Blogging Underground that is perfect for what we do as web publishers having lots of domains, lots of blogs, need for lots of MYSQL databases and most importantly enough bandwidth for the traffic we get.

I suggest you have a look to see what you get with our “blog tuned package”!

>>> WordPress Tuned Hosting – specs and details

Face it – I have different needs than the typical person who barely has one working web site.

I personally have lots of domains and need many different hosting accounts!

I have web sites hosted with over a dozen different companies and I must say it’s a breath of fresh air to see a cheap web hosting company give me exactly what I need!

CoolHandle created a plan to my specs so I can share this same customized “WordPress tuned” web hosting package with my subscribers who may also be looking for something special.

Face it – a lot of the cheap hosting out there – especially the really cheap hosting that a lot of people get suckered into using is really awful and not ideal for those of us who have more than 1 domain.

Very often people who do business like we do as web publishers online under-estimate the importance of finding a good solid reliable hosting company for their web sites that they can stick with for a long time without the hassle of having to disrupt everything just to move sites elsewhere.

I know how important this is because it has happened to me several times. It’s a huge hassle to move sites from one host to another.

As a matter of fact as I write this I am now in the middle of battling with a stubborn host who doesn’t seem to want to let my 12 sites get all the memory and traffic they originally promised me I would get with their “virtual dedicated server”.

My sites keep going down because I am hitting the “limits” and the server turns off. That really sucks! Even though I have an expensive “virtual dedicated hosting” account with this ungrateful host that costs around $67. bucks a month – they are still trying to get me to upgrade to a much more expensive package.

That’s crazy! It really isn’t a lot of traffic even… they are playing with me! 

I’ll spare the details but let me just say I would rather deal with the hassle and MOVE my sites to a hosting company like CoolHandle that understands what I do and what I need than be held hostage and forced to pay over a 100 bucks a month when I can get what I need for around TEN BUCKS at CoolHandle.

>>> WordPress Tuned Hosting – specs and details

This kind of stuff happens more than you would think. Once you’re with a host they know they have control of you because most people would rather give in or upgrade than move.

The reason I’m telling you this – is that you can prevent the kind of hair pulling that is common by making a good hosting choice before you sign on the dotted line.

Make sure your hosting company will give you in writing exactly what you need. Decide up front what your deal breakers are and make sure you get what you need before it’s too late.

Here is what is most important to me as a web publisher with many blogs:

1) Unlimited bandwidth so I can get all the traffic my sites are earning

2) Unlimited domains so I can add as many domains as I want down the road

3) A good control panel – Cpanel is the easiest – ideally it has Fantastico deluxe so I can install WordPress fast and easy on my domains

4) Unlimited MYSQL Databases – I need this so I can set up as many WordPress blogs as I want

5) Unlimited storage – I need room to grow.

6) Perl/CGI access – I need to be able to run scripts if I want

7) Stats – Raw Access Logs – I need to be able to see what is going on with my traffic

Make sure your host has these things covered.

CoolHandle Professional Web Hosting came to me and convinced me they understand what is important to me and the members of Blogging Underground and have actually created a “WordPress Tuned” version of their hosting for Blogging Underground that does ALL of the things that are important to me (and more).

If you’re looking for your first host – or – if you’re like me and you have more than 1 hosting company – take a look at the package that CoolHandle created for us. 

>>> WordPress Tuned Hosting – specs and details

More info at this blog page on web hosting


If you end up signing up for the Blogging Underground “WordPress Tuned” CoolHandle hosting – I’d like to give you a bonus. Send me a support ticket after you get your CoolHandle hosting set up and I will send you a coupon good for 800 Back Issue PLR Articles from the store

>>> Support Center

Just a little something extra to remind you that you made a good choice!

Look at the specs!

>>> WordPress Tuned Hosting – specs and details

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

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