17 04 2017

You need a Gif Buddy!

If you wanna crush it on Facebook then yes you do!

Check out GIFBuddy and prepare to have your mind blown!

>>> GIFBuddy - details and sample animations


I’ll get straight to it! This super cheap cloud based tool makes auto posting VIRAL GIFs to your Facebook, Twitter and WordPress blogs as easy as 1-2-3!

If you have FB Pages like I do you most likely already know how powerful animated GIF images are! The engagement is insane! I post them by hand all the time and am thrilled this could now be automated so easily!

Face it – animated GIFS stop people dead in their tracks!

Compared to regular pictures an animated GIF can very easily have a VIRAL EFFECT that can boost conversions by getting higher engagement and more eyeballs!

GIFBuddy can help get you tons of free traffic and is so easy to set up and use you won’t be wasting any of your precious time on tedious tasks! You’ll just be rolling in the traffic!

It’s so damn cheap you have got to consider it.

>>> GIFBuddy - details and sample animations

I think you’ll be glad you did!

Best wishes for your online success!

Apr 17th by Mike L

Dark Posts on Facebook are super sneaky… It’s amazing that Facebook let’s us do this!

Don’t know what a dark post is? I didn’t know what they were either, but I sure am glad I know what they are now!

Watch the video to find out about this great new low cost advertising opportunity called Dark Posts on Facebook that is super targeted and far more effective than regular FB ads.

What exactly are DARK POSTS???

There is a new opportunity to get super targeted traffic from FB newsfeeds by running inexpensive posts/ads which are referred to as “dark posts”.

If you’re like me, you have already been seeing these “dark posts”  in your Facebook  newsfeeds, but didn’t realize they were ads.

In small print they say suggested or sponsored.

Very sneaky but amazingly effective at getting clicks compared to those tiny FB ads on the side that hardly anybody ever notices.

If that’s not enough Facebook also offers insane micro targeting options for “custom audiences” for us to show ads that blows Google Adwords out of the water.

We are not talking about bidding on keywords alone, but rather showing our “dark posts” to people who have liked something or joined a group or have commented on something very specific.

It’s a bit complicated to go into detail here, but lets just say that you can find huge numbers of Facebook users that passionately love even the most obscure things and show ads to them.

That alone is pretty powerful when used properly, but now with “dark posts” we can get even better conversions from these super targeted audiences by showing our posts to users in their newsfeed/timeline which do not even look like ads!

These “dark posts” do NOT look like ads!

People like us read them because they are so in our faces we can’t miss them! Also without the usual “ad blindness”.

That’s the beauty – Dark posts look just like real FB posts that our friends are doing – but these “dark posts” can be used to promote and sell anything we want! Even promote affiliate products!

I have to admit I was NOT hip to dark posts until recently, but now that I know I am super excited about all the possibilities!

Oddly enough I discovered this from an email telling me about a new course called Dark Post Profits.


I’m glad I clicked the link and watched the video!

You will be too!

Best wishes for your online success!

May 07th by Mike L

So it may not exactly be breaking news, but it sure is important to remind webmasters that social signals are very important when establishing a new website.

social-media-pinterest-logoSure, it’s great to have on topic links pointing at your site from articles that contain relevant words like we do at Blogging Underground, but a part of the secret sauce to get top rankings is doing what most other top websites are doing.

One thing you can’t run away from is having links coming in from supporting “social media” sites that are popular.

One such popular social monster is Pinterest.

Pinterest is of particular interest to webmasters because they are a PageRank 9 site and they allow us to post our images from our websites and they will give us LINKS pointing back at our URL’s. In fact they have over 214 million pages indexed by Google.

This is a big positive for our sites that have images because we can have them linked on Pinterest and establishes our site as being socially relevant.

What a lot of people do not realize is that you can get extra links from Pinterest in addition to the ones they give you for the images you pin. Look at the page I added where I also put in a link to a youtube video

Komplete 9 with Kinetic Metal Video

All you have to do is addd the extra link in the description when you pin your URL. Pretty cool!

So why not go out and get a Pinterest account – it’s free and will help you send social signals to your web pages that have images (and other pages too!).

Read the article on Pinterest at Social Signals from Pinterest

Ohhhh…. and if you can – please follow my pinterest page and repin some of my pins!

> Mike Liebner’s Pinterest

The social activity is part of how the magic of Pinterest can get amplified! Happy pinning!

Jan 22nd by Mike L

Pinterest is very powerful and has a huge following.

Pinterest should be considered as a possible ranking and traffic generation method – especially for those of us building sites and doing SEO and webmaster duties.

We need those social signals coming in too – not just pure links from regular websites! Pinning your pages with pics on Pinterest will help establish powerful social signals for your websites.

iStock_000011927016XSmallUse the power of Pinterest for traffic and linking

Every time I add a new page or post to one of my sites I try to make sure and “pin it” on Pinterest! It’s easy and is a really important social signal to send to Google!

Take a look at my Pinterest page and “follow” if you can! Pinterest is a monster right now with over 272 million pages indexed by Google.

Since Pinterest is very popular it can send a decent amount of traffic and also has the potential to go viral when people share or repin and the pic starts spreading like wildfire!

Another benefit is that the page with your image gets linked on Pinterest and indexed by Google PLUS you can even add additional text and links to that page as well!

So – if you don’t already have a free account at Pinterest – go get one and start pinning your web page images!


Oh – and if you can – follow and repin a few of the images at
my Pinterest account. That’s how we start getting the action going!

When you follow others they follow you and it starts a soiral of activity! You can also connect other social accounts like Facebook so your pins show up on Facebook too. That’s a time saver!

Best wishes for your online success!

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Nov 16th by Mike L

I have TOO MANY ideas to automate things that can make more money marketing!

Hey, I’m not complaining – I’m bragging!

Ever since I discovered that non-programmers like me can build our own automation bots, I have been furiously writing down my ideas so I don’t forget all of the incredible opportunities I am thinking of on a daily basis!

Hi, its Mike Liebner here, and I want to share an important discovery about automating my marketing efforts which totally changes my game plan for 2013!

I’m sure you’ll feel the same way and that’s why I want to invite you to my special live webinar event this Thursday at 4 PM PST on Feb. 21, 2013!

>>> Replay Video from the Automation Profits Webinar

My special guest for the webinar is Seth Turin an expert in automation with software and we’re going to show you how easy it is to use drag and drop software to automate almost any browser or desktop function and turn it into self running software!

NOW almost everything I do during a routine day turns into an idea for automation! Every product I see or article I read turns into new ideas for bots!

I’ve got so many exciting new ideas to save time automating tedious repetitive tasks and best of all – these are perfect ideas for software products!

How about building bots for automating tedious stuff like creating free email accounts on autopilot and even verifying them (we’ll give you this bot at the webinar by the way)…

How about your own bots for:

  • - creating profiles for web 2 and social accounts
  • - finding data to use in reports and on web sites
  • - scraping current hot trends, trending tweets, top selling lists, breaking news
  • - batch processing text, data, articles, spinning
  • - posting to web 2 and social sites and auto bookmarking and linking
  • - automated tweets and posts from scraped data or rss feed submissions
  • - automate tweets, pinging, pinning pics, schedule blogging

The possibilities for automation are unlimited, but just in case to make sure YOU have lots of new ideas to make more money with automation, we’re going to do a massive brain dump during the webinar and share with you all kinds of ideas to automate things to help you make more money!

You missed the live event – but we do have replay video!!!

>>> Replay Video from the Automation Profits Webinar

Don’t miss this special one of a kind live webinar event on Thursday, February 21, 2013 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST and see how you can change the course of your future!

This may just be the big break you have been waiting for!

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

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