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It’s cheaper and as good or better than Leadpages and Clickfunnels plus you can get my BLOGGING UNDERGROUND BONUS!


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If you are like me you have been waiting for the kind of software that could do all the cool stuff that marketers and affiliates like us need – like building amazing sales pages, landing pages, one time offer pages, funnels, optin squeeze pages and such – at a fixed price that doesn’t require a giant expensive monthly commitment like the leading products do.

With iGloo you’ll be able to create killer looking high converting offer pages for anything you want without the hassle or high cost of LeadPages, which in my opinion has it’s share of problems and is hard to use creatively!

You have got to see what iGloo does! It’s a marketers dream!

> See the videos and demo squeeze pages HERE

If you make money from online marketing you absolutely must look at iGloo – especially before the price goes up.


If you buy from my link I’d like to give you 3 months of full access to post in the hundreds of blogs in the Blogging Underground network! Just make sure you get it from this link:

Normally 3 months of Blogging Underground would cost $67. per month ($201) but you will get it free when you send me your receipt via the BU SUPPORT DESK after you buy from my link.

iGloo is already worth it – but you also get my bonus so you can get powerful links in the BU Blogs!

That is a NO BRAINER!

Best wishes for your online success!

Jun 16th by Mike L

Lead Generation Webinar Replay

Hi it’s Mike Liebner and I’d like to invite you to watch the webinar replay video from the Lead Generation Live Event I did yesterday with special guest Jordan Wexler from Smart Guy 800

Whether your marketing your own product/service or someone else’s, discover the HOTTEST tool currently being used to generate more leads, track your advertising, increase your availability and turn HITS into LEADS!

During the webinar Jordan revealed how to get more leads from all your marketing efforts.During the webinar Jordan showed how one simple strategy can allow you to generate 300-400% more clients with a fully automated system that does everything for you in the background 24/7!


The webinar replay is packed with practical information you can use to help you grab more leads and make more conversions PLUS there is also an exciting affiliate opportunity that we discuss at the end of the webinar replay!

I hope you can watch it! As always please share your comments and feel free to ask questions!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Jun 10th by Mike L

Did you download the 55 page 600k Case Study PDF yet?

They moved it! Sorry! In case you missed it I made a LINK for you here:

> 600k Case Study PDF – right click to download and save

> Here is the link to the 100k Factory Page

The free PDF shows the formula Aidan and Steve used to build websites that generate $1,688 per day income in 26 days. This is a great model for building web sites that make money!

Aidan is a buddy, who incidentally got his start back with Article Underground and Blogging Underground.

He’s a sharp guy that really knows his marketing.

If you get a chance – check out 100k Factory.

Best wishes for your online success!

Apr 06th by Mike L

Why do Blogging Underground members get so many top rankings?

The secret weapon that helps us boost our pages higher for our target keywords is getting good quality relevant text links in articles!


Yes – it’s true – getting text links that are relevant and related to what is on your web page is a secret weapon that many webmasters are using to get top rankings. Relevant links from pages with related content can help boost your ranking in a big way if done correctly!

We here at Blogging Underground have it especially easy because as a member, all we have to do to get a good relevant text link, is login to our BU Membership and post an article with relevant text links in the blog network.

When search engines see links to your pages are coming from web pages with related words on them you get a big boost in their scoring.

And to further boost your rankings – use this special little tip.

Backlink your backlinks!

Do the same thing and get relevant links and point them at the pages that are linking to your money pages.

It’s a second layer of links that works like magic to boost rankings! And it works more than anything when the text links have your target keywords in them and come from articles that have related keywords.

So – get a good link from a blog in the Blogging Underground network of blogs with your keyword – and then get a new relevant text link from a different blog in the BU network (ideally on a different IP address) and you’re a certified double threat! BOOM! Up go the rankings!

So – do you see the value in getting relevant links? It’s our secret weapon at Blogging Underground!

If you want to do this in the easiest way possible consider joining Blogging Underground to get access to our network of over 200 blogs spread out on servers all over the world!

> Blogging Underground Special Offer

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> More info on relevant backlinks at the Internet Marketing Blog

Sep 17th by Mike L

Dark Posts on Facebook are super sneaky… It’s amazing that Facebook let’s us do this!

Don’t know what a dark post is? I didn’t know what they were either, but I sure am glad I know what they are now!

Watch the video to find out about this great new low cost advertising opportunity called Dark Posts on Facebook that is super targeted and far more effective than regular FB ads.

What exactly are DARK POSTS???

There is a new opportunity to get super targeted traffic from FB newsfeeds by running inexpensive posts/ads which are referred to as “dark posts”.

If you’re like me, you have already been seeing these “dark posts”  in your Facebook  newsfeeds, but didn’t realize they were ads.

In small print they say suggested or sponsored.

Very sneaky but amazingly effective at getting clicks compared to those tiny FB ads on the side that hardly anybody ever notices.

If that’s not enough Facebook also offers insane micro targeting options for “custom audiences” for us to show ads that blows Google Adwords out of the water.

We are not talking about bidding on keywords alone, but rather showing our “dark posts” to people who have liked something or joined a group or have commented on something very specific.

It’s a bit complicated to go into detail here, but lets just say that you can find huge numbers of Facebook users that passionately love even the most obscure things and show ads to them.

That alone is pretty powerful when used properly, but now with “dark posts” we can get even better conversions from these super targeted audiences by showing our posts to users in their newsfeed/timeline which do not even look like ads!

These “dark posts” do NOT look like ads!

People like us read them because they are so in our faces we can’t miss them! Also without the usual “ad blindness”.

That’s the beauty – Dark posts look just like real FB posts that our friends are doing – but these “dark posts” can be used to promote and sell anything we want! Even promote affiliate products!

I have to admit I was NOT hip to dark posts until recently, but now that I know I am super excited about all the possibilities!

Oddly enough I discovered this from an email telling me about a new course called Dark Post Profits.

I’m glad I clicked the link and watched the video!

You will be too!

Best wishes for your online success!

May 07th by Mike L

    A Very Important Concept