Launch your own press release directory just like PR Web!

Hi, its Mike Liebner here and I just wanted to share a website script with you that I just bought that will set up your very own Press Release, News and/or Article directory!


If you’re like me you are always on the hunt for scripts that will install easily and build quality websites which can run on auto-pilot without the need to fuss with them all the time!

This script is called Press Release Script and I bought it and within a couple of hours already installed and set up my first site!

WARNING: If you get the script do NOT set it to AUTO APPROVE as it will get bombarded by SPA*MMERS!

In general it’s really powerful to get links from within articles on Press Release Directory sites and what’s cool about this script is that there is a thriving community of people who have it installed which means that lots of other SEO people like us will hunt for it and submit content on our sites! Auto-pilot publishing!

As long as the content is not garbage – the links should provide some value.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, I highly suggest you get this script – it’s easy to install – I simply followed the installation instructions in the read me file and it worked instantly.

I didn’t hit any weird installation problems like I often do with site scripts. Lots of customization options and themes too, so all the sites using the script will not look alike!

Well – that’s enough to get you started – go look at the script and buy it if you want to quickly build a site like mine and have other people build it up with content!


UPDATE/WARNING: If your server has limits or restrictions on bandwidth it might be a problem if you get a lot of submissions. Only install this on a robust server that can handle the extra action. Also – do not AUTO APPROVE any submissions. You’ll get bombarded with garbage and once it stacks up it will be very hard to clean out. The solution is to start off by NOT accepting anything AUTOMATICALLT – manually approve or you might regret it like I did.

Best wishes for your online success!

Feb 05th by Mike L

Very often I get questions asking if the stuff in the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy System Training – especially the Pages NOT Posts site structure works on older sites already built another way – or if they should rebuild old sites from scratch.

While I realize what I have been teaching is very compelling and makes a lot of sense,  PLEASE don’t go out and tear down your existing sites – especially if they are getting traffic and making you money!

That said you can start adding the pages and posts strategy to what you have been doing. Allow me to expand on this a little.

Building good websites and getting a lot of free traffic from Google is largely dependent on earning their trust.

Have you already earned their trust with your site? Or have you done things that may be considered evil or contrary to what Google would prefer you did?

It’s not so simple as just saying YES or NO to using my strategy on your older sites. There are always BUTS and IFS and no single way of dealing with sites already set up.

Does this stuff work on blogs or web sites made before you found my system or set up differently?

Simple answer is yes it can work.

Many times it works great by just posting articles in the announcement blogs we make available to members.  > > > (Read the rest of this entry…)

Jan 07th by Mike L

I created a new video called This Stuff Really Works which I would like to share with you.

Video Link

Video – This Stuff Really Works runs around 36 minutes and in it I actually show some of my sites and explain the process I train members to do in Blogging Underground to achieve what I call Critical Mass and Authority Status on Google!

Now – this is no ordinary training video as I actually show some of the 50 domains I have recently bought and am training my outsourced workers to build according to the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy System.

It’s mind blowing how these exact match keyword domains are ranking so fast and so high on Google. I was so excited I just had to share some of the results and show you how I am building out these simple web sites to become authority blogs!

Stop by and watch the video! It’s a special look inside to see what we do here at Blogging Underground!

Sep 26th by Mike L

Check out my new Jam Session Video!

It’s called Domain Hunting Jam Session and it’s almost an hour long!

As you can see in the 1 hour long video, it was so fun I almost couldn’t stop hunting for exact match keyword domain names!

As I say in the video – finding high volume big profit domains using the keyword research at Blogging Underground is so easy it is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Have you seen the Spreadsheets we offer members in the BU members “Keyword Research” section? The members that are using the research are cleaning it up! The opportunities are endless with millions of keywords to go after!

Me personally, I’ve been buying domain names like crazy lately – some of these are just TOO HARD TO RESIST as you’ll see in the video!

> Watch the Domain Hunting Video HERE

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it!

Best wishes for your online success!

Aug 13th by Mike L

We’re really lucky as web publishers that there are very few costs involved in running our business. It’s about as close to pure profits as you can get!

One of the most common questions from someone just starting out is “How much is it going to cost me to buy a web site?” or “Is it expensive to be a web publisher?” or “How much money will I make?”

Here at Blogging Underground we are a community of web publishers who make a living doing this stuff as a business. Also some of us do it part-time on the side for a little extra money here and there!

Our goal is to make money by building simple web sites and getting lots of people to visit us!

We build our own web sites and blogs or hire outsourcers to help us set them up for us so we can make money promoting things from others, placing ads on our sites or selling our own stuff.

It’s easy to make money as a web publisher because the costs associated with what we do are next to nothing compared to starting a traditional business.

What are the costs???

If you already have a computer and an internet connection you’re in a great position to get started!

Basic costs for a brand new web site are very low and once the startup costs like hosting are covered you can add on additional sites for practically next to nothing.

The cost is around $10. per year for each domain you regsiter from a registrar such as GoDaddy.

It costs around $10. per month for a decent yet cheap WordPress web hosting account where you can have unlimited domains hosted with all the specs we demand from a host so we can do our web publishing thing.

If you have the right hosting account you won’t need to spend anything extra and you can install as many WordPress blogs as you want for free very easily from within your hosting account.

It’s easy to make your website look professional using one of the many good looking WordPress themes available for free.

If you write your own articles it doesn’t cost anything to publish new content on your site. Another option is to outsource the writing. You can pay around 5 to 7 dollars per article, or you can join a membership site for PLR Articles (Private Label Rights articles).

You can get 400 brand new Keyword Optimized PLR Articles each month from Article Underground for just $97. per month or you can save by getting the $399. annual deal (that’s $33.25 per month). In addition you can get back issue PLR Zips from Article Underground for $67. each (buy 2 get 1 free) at the Underground PLR Store.

To promote your site – all you really need to do is get good quality links pointing at your web pages. The links will help you get more traffic from the search engines for FREE!

To get access to high quality links you should invest in a membership like Blogging Underground to have access to a network of blogs which makes it easy for you and your outsourcers to do quick and easy linking to your web pages so you get lots of targeted free traffic from the search engines.

The time you will save scrounging for good links is well worth the low membership investment.

Blogging Underground is $67. per month (the first 7 days only $4.95) or you can save big with the $299. per year deal (that’s $24.91 per month or just 81 cents a day).

Almost everything else you could possibly need to run your online business is available for free – stuff like web stats analysis, spreadsheet apps, word processors and software applications won’t cost you a penny – unless of course you go for the premium software apps – but those are NOT necessary! You can get by without them!

All you really need is to start off on the right foot with buying a few domains and setting up hosting and a few key memberships and your monthly operating costs are next to nothing!

These are the primary costs associated for a web publisher who builds web sites.

Very few JOBS or work at home businesses can offer the flexibility that a web publisher enjoys.

Work at home at your own pace  – or work from any location you want!

Web publishing can be done almost anywhere there is an internet connection! 

Work only when you want to and any time you want a pay raise – simply build more sites and add more content! It’s that easy!


It’s simple math if you have a simple repeatable process – then – you can earn what you want!

The costs are very low and the payouts can be very big!

It’s not uncommon to make hundreds of dollars a day as a part-time web publisher building web sites here and there.

And if it’s THOUSANDS of dollars a day that you want – this web publishing business IS SCALEABLE – which means you simply increase the number of sites you build and you scale up your efforts adding content to your sites (or outsource) to earn a practically unlimited amount of earnings!

It’s just a matter of getting the proper foothold and setting up a simple repeatable process that makes this kind of business fun and easy to maintain & operate (and profitable too!).

Here are links to some of the resources mentioned above:

Underground PLR Free PLR Zip – get back issue PLR Articles.

Reliable Web Hosting – Especially good for WordPress blogs

GoDaddy – register domain names (don’t buy hosting there!)

Article Underground Article Blog – has info on PLR Articles and the latest deals available

WordPress themes – free selection of themes

Elance – outsource to freelancers who will do the work for very little

More details at the Blogging Underground Frequently Asked Questions page.

How to Install WordPress Blogs – simple instructions in this free video

I hope that gives you an idea of how inexpensive it is to get started as a web publisher.

Jul 11th by Mike L

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