Is Google CHROME dragging you down? It dragged me down.
The Google Chrome browser can be a memory hog – especially if you have extensions activated.
chrome is slow
Chrome was dragging my computer down big time when I would have a lot of tabs/windows open. It’s because there are too many must have extensions I just can’t live without and the way I work I often need to keep many Chrome windows open.
I could just turn some of those extensions off, but I didn’t want to, so I suffered until I found a free Chrome extension called Extensify.
Now I can quickly turn extensions on and off so i can keep more tabs/windows open and never have that slow dragging Chrome effect :)
Get Extensify for free – you’ll be glad you did
It’s very simple. Once you have Extensify installed you can turn all of your other extensions off (or have a few or create sets of them) and without having to go into Chrome settings you can quickly turn them on and off as needed from he top of your browser window.
Once I did this I noticed I could keep open an almost unlimited number of windows, run Skype and other software and do all kinds of other shit instead of allowing Chrome to gobble up all of my memory like it used to.
No more slow crawling and bogged down bullshit!
Try it. These extensions do NOT need to be running until you need them. Extensify makes it easy to turn them on and off fast as needed.

Aug 04th by Mike L

If you’re like me you have at least a few WordPress blogs, right?

It’s tough to keep track of all of them and make sure WordPress and all the plugins are up to date.

It’s certainly possible that you’ve been attacked and possibly brought down by hackers. Especially if you do not update them regularly.

It’s happened to me – but fortunately – now I use the free Wordfence Security Plugin.

You see Wordfence does 2 very important things to make sure you are less prone to being attacked.

1) Rate Limiting – throttle or block crawlers/users that are going through your site too fast. Google crawler is not throttled, but everyone else can be!

Throttle Users

2) Login Security Options – locks out the user after X amount of login failures. I usally do 3 or 5 and lock out for 1 day.

Login Security

While you might not think you are being hacked or that your sites are prone to attack I would like to show you some of the email notifications I get telling me how Wordfence has locked out users that were attacking. Check it out!


My sites are constantly being attacked. Fortunately the WordPress blogs at least have this extra layer of protection.

Is Wordfence perfect?

Maybe. I don’t know. I just know it has prevented problems from occurring and also helps keep my sites and servers running faster and more efficiently as it slows down those brute attacks.

So – if you are not using Wordfence Security yet – I suggest you consider adding it to your arsenal of WordPress plugins on all of your blogs!

It just might save your butt!

Jul 06th by Mike L

Are your websites and social pages vibrant and alive?

Do they regularly get fresh new links pointing at them?

Or did the sites just die and are laying stagnant without any activity… I hope not!


If you want Google to think your site is important you need to post new content every once in a while and you ALSO need fresh new links coming in or they will think your sites are dead and they will stop showing it to people in their search listings.

Fortunately it’s not hard to keep your sites and free search engine traffic alive.

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Posting short news and announcement articles that link to your most important content is one of the best ways to keep Google and visitors interested in your website.

It’s exactly what they are looking for to make sure your site is vital and in demand.

Fresh links pointing at your sites show them your site has stuff goin’ on and posting in blogs is the fastest and easiest way to get good quality links.

Google spiders love active blogs and are crawling them constantly looking for something new!

Finding places to post that are not spammy can be a challenge. It’s hard work.

Fortunately there is a brilliant solution that makes getting new links easy and fun!

Post and link using the Blogging Underground Network of Announcement Blogs!

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Blogging Underground is a membership site that has hundreds of crawled and indexed blogs that members can use to post articles using our Blog Post Utility.

Getting powerful links is easy when you are a Blogging Underground member!

Simply login to your Blogging Underground Membership – click the link for the BPU (Blog Post Utility) – pick a blog from the hundreds listed that you would like to post your article in – publish your article with 1 or 2 links and sit back and relax.

It’s that easy! Instant quality backlinks any time you need them! And you can even schedule them using the Blog Post Utilty!

I suggest posting at least 3 to 5 articles per week – but you can use the blogs as much as you like!

If you want more traffic you need good quality links!

The effects of linking regularly in the Blogging Underground blogs is very powerful and can help get all of your pages indexed and even push them up the rankings for your target keywords.

Now – you may be thinking this kind of time saving service would be really expensive – but fortunately joining Blogging Underground is a very affordable.

There are 5 Ways to Join Blogging Underground (starting as low as $4.95)

1) $4.95 for 7 Days of Access (rebills at $67. per month after 7 days) via Clickbank

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5) $299. for 1 Year of Access to Blogging Underground via Clickbank

All of the above packages include FULL ACCESS to all of the blogs in the Blogging Underground network!

So – if you believe that getting new links are as important as I do – you owe it to yourself to join Blogging Underground! It’s the best way to get powerful links in high quality blogs fast and easy!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mar 13th by Mike L

How important is your website?

I’d like to share details on an important concept that can really help you get more traffic in the months ahead.

If your website is important to you, then you (or someone) should be doing the simple things that send signals validating it’s importance.

Adding new content regularly and having links coming in to your site are the most important signals you can send.

Are you sending signals by adding new content regularly or is your site stagnant?

Are you making sure your newly posted content has links pointing at them?

Does your website have it’s own Facebook and Twitter pages?

If you have more than one or many websites, the most important ones should have the most signal sending activity.

Important, thriving and authoritative sites send signals on a regular basis.

Neglected sites are stagnant and no one ever sees them or cares about them, so they have little or no activity.


Regularly sending the right kinds of signals to Google can make the difference between a site being recognized as thriving and important and deserving of placement at the top when people search for keywords, or being one of the many sites on the web that are stagnant and neglected.

What kind of signals will boost a site?

Links and Social Signals!

Links from other external web sites and social media pointing at a web page indicate it is important!

At the very least, if your site is important to you and you regularly add new content, you should be linking to it from external websites and blogs and it should have it’s own Facebook page and Twitter accounts with regular posts and links pointing at your site from them.

Annouce your new content!

Every time you have news, add a new article, send an email, or add a product or feature to the site, you should be announcing it with a direct link from a few external websites/blogs, and by posting about it on it’s Facebook page and Twitter.

If the content has a good picture, then also post it on Pinterest with a link to your web page.

Then for an extra added boost to those social signals you should also link to the posts on Facebook etc. by posting in blogs like those we have available to Blogging Underground members in our blog network.

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It’s a lot easier with Blogging Underground but there are other ways to get good quality links. It just may take extra time and effort to find them.

Want a boost? Send signals! Links send signals!

The basic concept is that “important content” has links pointing at it. Boost the importance by sending signals with links.

We use this concept at Blogging Underground to boost rankings using the announcement blogs in our blog network. It’s easy for members to instantly post short articles in our blogs and send signals by having powerful contextually relevant text links in them!

In this cut throat modern world of the web, if you want to be competitive you need to regularly send signals your website is important or your competition will bury you.

Every time you add new content to your site or post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube or other social media you should be announcing it.

It’s a fact that Google values web pages more that have links pointing at them. Important pages have links and deserve to be ranked higher.

So the bottom line is that if you want your website to rank higher, it needs to be viewed as special and important.

Add fresh content regularly and make sure there are signals pointing at it.

Signals such as links from blogs and social posts have a lot of power and can make the difference between a site and it’s content pages being buried on page 10 or 100 or helping them rise to the front page.

Google looks for links. And it’s really simple to give them what they want when you have access to places that you can get links fast and easy.

Social pages are easy to post in and if you are a Blogging Underground member you have access to our blog network with nearly 200 blogs that you can post articles in and get linked from.

Right now you can get access to the blogs with a free bonus offer that will set you up with Blogging Underground for one full year.

Here is the link to the special package with the free bonus offer.

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Check it out and grab it at a fantastic price and start sending your signals right away!

Now is a great time to be planting your seeds so you are ready when the busy 4th quarter hits! It’s right around the corner!

Best wishes for your online success!

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Sep 08th by Mike L

Are You Linking To Your Social Media pages?

You should! In fact any web page on any site that points to any of your websites or social media pages should also have backlinks pointing at them too!

It’s a simple philosophy that really works well for Blogging Underground members and we call it “Backlinking Your Backlinks”.

I have a simple solution for a free bonus to make it easier for you to do the simple things that Google looks for when they rank web pages.

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I know it can be a hassle to find good places (that aren’t your own sites) to link to your new product pages, blog posts and social media posts, but the fact is these kinds of “backlinks” are really powerful and will boost you above your competition who is most likely asleep at the wheel.

If you are a Blogging Underground member it’s NOT a hassle, but rather a simple task to post articles that have your links in them in any of our nearly 200 blogs!

When you’re a member and have access to our easy to use Blog Post Utility and nearly 200 blogs, you can link to anything you want any time and get an instant backlink that will get crawled and indexed by Google fast!

It’s so easy so why not post articles and link to your social media posts? If they link to your money sites you’ll boost their power and link juice!

Same with your Tumblr posts, WordPress, Twitter, Youtube, RSS Feeds, Pinterest and anything else you do which promotes your products or web sites. Backlink them using the Blogging Underground blogs and you’ll get a boost!

So – to summarize – if it’s quick and easy to link your social pages and websites you should be spending at least a little time getting backlinks and a Blogging Underground membership makes that an easy thing to do.!

Right now there are 2 ways to get Blogging Underground FREE as a bonus!

1) If you grab the huge PLR Article Package of 9,600 articles for $149. you also get 1 Full Year of Blogging Underground included free!

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This is my link for Voice Stack so I will get credit and you get the bonus:

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How to claim the bonus:

Simply send me proof of your purchase by posting a support ticket HERE and I will hook you up with the bonus!

Either of the bonus offers are great ways to get a 1 year membership to Blogging Underground for less than the regular price of $299. a year or $67. per month (which is worth it by the way!)

With the bonus packages you save big money and you get extra value! And you can get high quality contextual text links in articles any time you want!

Well, I hope that helped you realize how important it is to backlink your backlinks and that you consider grabbing one of those 2 deals so you can get access to Blogging Underground.

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Best wishes for your online success!

Aug 25th by Mike L

    A Very Important Concept