I have an .PSD Icon Thumbnail Preview Solution Fix!

It’s amazing sometimes how easy it is to find simple solutions to annoyances that have been following us around.

One annoyance that has been bugging me is how the Windows 7 explorer window shows thumbnail previews of all my image files EXCEPT the .psd files from Adobe Photoshop.

I do a lot of work creating banners and such and I always save the master file as a .PSD so I have all the layers and fonts available in case I want to modify the file.

Unfortunately there is NO IMAGE PREVIEW and my folder of banners just showed that UGLY GENERIC FILE ICON alongside the gifs and pngs and jpegs – that is until now!

All I did was search Google for .psd icon thumbnail problem and sure enough there were several solutions.

I will save you the trouble of trying several solutions and tell you the one I ended up with.

FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 3.1  64-bit and 32-bit RAW codecsfor Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3.


I downloaded the free trial and liked it so much I paid the 14 bucks and bought it.

Now all my folders have preview images showing thumbnails of my pictures – even the PSD photoshop files!

I wish I would have found that sooner! I’ve been annoyed with that for years now!

Sep 09th by Mike L

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Feb 18th by Mike L

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