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More Info at this article on the Viral Marketing Success Kit PLR

Apr 03rd by Mike L

Announce your new content and products! It will help increase the activity on your web site and let Google know people are interested in what’s on your pages!

It’s an exciting time of the year! We’re just a few days away from the eagerly awaited 4th quarter.

It’s when people spend money!

Are you ready?

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Now is the time to increase your publishing activity and start putting up content to attract people to your stuff.

Here is a tip to maximize your efforts. Announce every thing you do!

One of the secrets that Blogging Underground members use to get more traffic and top rankings is to announce every piece of content we put up – whether on our blogs or on social sites and other places that link to our important pages.

Every time you have news, add a new article, send an email, or add a product or feature to your site, or on social sites, you should be announcing it with a direct link from a few external websites/blogs.

You should also be posting little snips here and there on social mdeia like your Facebook page(s) and Twitter.

If the content has a good picture, then also post it on Pinterest with a link to your web page.

Then you can boost those social signals by also linking to your posts on Facebook etc. by posting articles with links in blogs such as those we have available to Blogging Underground members in our blog network.

Right now there is a Special Offer to get Blogging Underground FREE as a bonus!

> Blogging Underground Special – Full Access to Nearly 200 Blogs!

Want a boost? Announce everything you do!

Send signals! Links send signals!

Now is a great time to be planting your seeds so you are ready when the busy 4th quarter hits!

It’s just a few days away so why not get started planting seed right now!

Check out the special offer for Blogging Underground and start announcing everything you do!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Oct 28th by Mike L

Are you going to be ready when all that “buyer traffic” hits in September for “Back to School”?

It’s just a month away!


I’d like to make it easier than ever for you to take action and get ready for the giant traffic explosion that happens every year in the 4th quarter by offering a specially priced package that includes 100% full access to the Blogging Underground network of announcement blogs.

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Posting articles in our blogs with links to your most important pages will help insure you have the kind of link juice you need to be found when people search for your keywords.

Blogging Underground makes it easy to get the best kind of targeted “exact keyword” text links that will help your sites and social pages get more traffic.

Simply use one of our PLR Articles or write your own and post in one of our blogs!

Each post can have 1 or 2 text links which means you’ll get crawled fast and start building your link juice and authority!

Start now planting seeds and getting links and you’ll already be moving upwards when the online traffic starts booming!

Right now we have around 200 blogs you can post articles in and they are all indexed by Google and crawled constantly!

There are lots of relevant keyword named categories and you can even use your target keywords in up to 5 tags per post to make sure the links carry a nice relevance boost!

Blogging Underground makes it fun and easy to get the kind of links that can help your website get more free search engine traffic!

Here is the link to the special offer that includes thousands of articles and full access to Blogging Underground’s blog network!

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This is our lowest priced package ever! Get started boosting your link juice right now! It’s never been more affordable to post in our blogs!

Stop by and check out what you get with these incredible specially priced packages!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Jul 29th by Mike L

Blogging Underground offers a membership with features and training that helps people with websites get more web traffic.


Need some good good backlinks to boost your sites?

> Holiday Special – Includes Blogging Underground FREE!

So – how about a little info about the blog network and what Blogging Underground offers…

Blogging Underground is a feature rich membership that has great tools and a lot of training plus helps webmasters get powerful links. A big benefit is the membership offers access to the Blogging Underground network of blogs which offers webmasters the opportunity to post articles and get high quality links.

The blogs are great places to have links pointing at whatever you would like to see boosted in the rankings!

We have around 200 blogs indexed and crawled regularly by Google, most of them have been indexed for years. New ones are added regularly!

You’ll find a lot of info at the Blogging Underground FAQ and Blog Posting Rules Page

Depending on the package you purchase – a membership to Blogging Underground also includes a bonus stash of PLR Articles.

PLR Articles are private label rights articles meaning that you can modify and edit them and publish them on your sites or in blogs and social media as the author.

The articles are written for a wide variety of keywords and each zip has a mix of 400 different keywords

You can see how I use the PLR articles in my video

Post An Article

You can preveiw the contents of each PLR zip or even searh for articles with your keywords at


> Read the Forum Post
How Many Links Can I DO Without Going Too Fast?


Dec 13th by Mike L

This is the first video in a new series of videos on linking.

How To Get The Perfect Links - SERIES - 854x480

Watch “The Perfect Text Link” Video

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner and I have a little holiday surprise for you!

A new video from my linking tips series and a special deal on Blogging Underground!

This is the first video in my planned series of 29 quick and to the point linking tips videos.

> Linking Tips

If you want Google to know what your web pages are about you need to have text links with your keywords in them pointing at the pages!

That’s what Google wants and if you want to be successful and rank above the competition you need to have some good links for your site!

The good news is that Blogging Underground makes it super easy with our killer Blog Post Utility and the hundreds of blogs in our private network and right now we’ve got a super special holiday deal to make it easier than ever for you to get started!

Watch the new linking video to see the best way to get PERFECT TEXT LINKS so you can rank higher and also check out the special deal!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

Jul 03rd by Mike L

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