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But until now it was very difficult to find products to promote on JV Zoo without spending time researching individual products.

Fortunately for us – right now if you get Affiliate Titan you will get King Of The Zoo Software which will show you all of the metrics for products that are HOT right now so you can quickly and easily promote the ones you want!

Also included is 1 Click Affiliate Software that will help you quickly build landing pages and reviews using proven copy that has already made tons of money.

And that’s not all you will get – but instead of me telling you about the rest of the stuff with Affiliate Titan (only 7 bucks until they raise the price) you need to go watch the videos which explain exactly what you get and how you can easily start making sales promoting the hottest products!

> Affiliate Titan

Regardless of your level of experience you can easily pick the right products to promote and get some cash rolling in with the help of the tools you’ll be getting!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Best wishes for your online success!

May 18th by Mike L

Wow… I can’t believe it. Is it because of Yahoo that Tumblr has gone crazy and at war with marketers – or are they just kissing Google’s butt and cleaning up to make them happy?

Either way – Tumblr is going down faster than I expected since finding out Yahoo bought them and have taken over. They are just too arrogant.

Why am I saying this?

I just found out earlier that my Tumblr account I use for my personal name and business was TERMINATED today. It was in no way spammy or even anything close to what they have accused me of.

It seems they think either I am using DECEPTIVE code or am an getting terminated for using the blog for “affiliate marketing”.

Geez – give me a break. Is affiliate marketing supposed to be evil or something?

When I contacted support and asked why my account was terminated they responded with this B.S. form response:

“Hello, We’ve terminated your Tumblr account for spam or affiliate marketing. Per the policies you agreed to when creating your account, Tumblr prohibits such activity. Don’t put deceptive links or dubious code in your posts. That includes using Javascript to inject unwanted ads in blogs, or embedding links to interstitial or pop-up ad services. Don’t use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or create blogs with the primary purpose of affiliate marketing.”

I assure you I did not use any deceptive code – the blog was used to promote articles I have written and to entertain people who are into internet marketing. Since it was for business and my name brand I was very careful to make sure it offered value to people who visited.

Obviously they did not look at it – it was a good entertaining blog that offered value – unlike al ot of the spammy crap that has been on tumblr

If they did look at it and didn’t like marketing info graphics or motivational sayings – well they have some serious bad feelings towards marketers and that’s just plain evil.

It’s too bad – they turned into another WordPress, who also seems to have it out for people who make money online as marketers.

I really don’t get it – but have a feeling it has something to do with Google slapping them and asking them to make it harder on marketers. After all it was too easy to get good quality links and traffic from WordPress and Tumbr – so they better take it away from marketers.

Once again it makes it more clear than ever that you can’t rely on free hosted blogs or free hosting to use for anything that is permanent.

It’s just too risky because either the companies go out of business – delete your accounts or change what they’re doing and your hard work and published works are gone.

It’s a shame but when stuff like this happens it makes me feel even stronger about avoiding the free places to set up blogs and such. It’s too easy for the plug to be pulled.

Well – it’s a good thing I have lots of my linking done from the BU blogs so losing tumblr blog links should have little or no impact – but still – I hate to lose any work I have done just because someone else has the power to hurt me.

So – if you can – do more things where YOU have control over your linking and don’t trust that Google Yahoo or any of the giants are looking out for you.

Best wishes for your online success!

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Jul 23rd by Mike L

Amazing Selling Machine closes on March 18, 2013! Please look before then!

Promoting products as an affiliate can be lucrative – especially when you offer a really good bonus!

The best way to make more sales as an affiliate is to offer a valuable bonus that enhances or improves upon a product.

I’ve created a really good bonus offer that perfectly matches the new product Amazing Selling Machine 

(aka Amazon Selling Machine)

which is a training course about dominating Amazon as a SELLER (not an affiliate).

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus

Amazon has been making money for affiliates for a long time – I’ve earned my share throughout the years – but did you know that there is even more money to be made with Amazon as a seller???

It’s true! A lot of Amazon Sellers are killing it right now (if they know what they are doing!)

A lot of people don’t realize that Amazon has become more and more like Ebay and actually allows businesses and people like you and me the opportunity to list our stuff and sell on the pages of

All we need to do is find a good product with low competition but all the right specs and we can make a lot of money fast and on AUTO PILOT. Amazon will do almost everything for us so we can focus on the marketing!

Regular people like you and me are making lots of money as sellers on Amazon. It’s the biggest opportunity right now!

A huge part of Amazon’s business is based on people like us selling stuff through their site. They love it and make it really easy for us to become sellers and leverage their huge power on the web!

But here is the thing to really consider – while anybody can sell stuff on Amazon and a lot of people do – few really understand the power of SEO, social media and internet marketing the way we do!

That presents a huge opportunity for those of us that know how to get top rankings and increase visibility! In fact this makes it a perfect opportunity for members of Blogging Underground as we’ve already learned how to get lots of traffic and top rankings on Google! When applied to prouct pages on Amazon the potential to earn huge money goes through the roof!

But here is the rub – MOST PEOPLE who sell on AMAZON are NOT experts like we are on getting traffic! They are distracted by so many other things that a lot of them don’t even promote their Amazon product pages or do the tricky things we know can make more sales!

So that is why WE can come in and take over and dominate a huge amount of virtual real estate!

MOST of the many products that are being sold by SELLERS on Amazon are hardly promoted or perhaps even neglected.

We can easily dominate Amazon as a seller as we know SEO and backlinking and social media!

You see – Amazon already has some good juice as an authority site – but if you have a product page on Amazon you can really push it up to the top of Google with some smart linking. And Blogging Underground training shows you eactly how to do it!

We can expand the keyword targets beyond just the basic product names or brands! Savvy SEO types like you and me can increase the traffic the product pages on Amazon gets significantly just by using the power of backlinks!

This can translate into more traffic, higher positions on the Amazon best sellers lists and bigger earnings!

And if you’re concerned this is all conjecture and not a real valid opportunity simply take a look at my friend Jason Katzenback, who you may know from doing a lot of web and SEO stuff similar to what we do here at Blogging Underground.

Jason has been an Amazon Seller for a little over 4 months and is already doing $100,000. in monthly profits with just a few products he is selling on Amazon.

Crazy – I know! But this is not an isolated incident. Jason learned it from Matt Clark who has been doing this Amazon thing for a few years now and has figured out all the best practices.

That’s why Jason and Matt have created Amazing Selling Machine.

Now – Amazing Selling Machine is a course that teaches what to do on Amazon as a seller in great detail. These guys are already killing it and have figured out a lot of the stuff we would need to learn – so Amazing Selling Machines is a must have if you want to get on the fast track and become a power seller on Amazon.

But can you imagine how effective your efforts can be as an Amazon Seller if you also harness the incredible linking power of the Blogging Underground network of blogs???

Yes – that could be a wicked advantage!

And that’s why I am promoting Amazing Selling Machine and am offering a full 1 Year Membership to Blogging Underground valued at $299. as my bonus if bought through my affiliate link.

Here are the details on the Amazing Selling Machines Bonus Offer

I also created a nice little Tumblr blog to showcase the bonus offer I am providing.

This offer opens on March 12th but there are a few videos you can start watching right now. The videos are at:

If you’re interested in getting the Amazing Selling Machines product please consider buying through my affiliate link for the BU bonus. If you are a current member of Blogging Underground I will tack on an extra 12 months to your membership and also drop an extra 9,600 PLR articles on ya.

This will make you have super powers as an Amazon Seller!

The best of both worlds – Amazing Selling Machine is a killer product to help you become a top producing Amazon Seller – and Blogging Underground to help you get links and push your products to the top of Amazon!

If you want the bonus – please make sure to click my affiliate link at:

That way I’ll get credit and you’ll get the $299. membership to Blogging Underground for FREE as your bonus!

Thanks for reading this!

Happy selling!

Mar 09th by Mike L

Are you monetizing your sites targeted traffic effectively?

Are you building WEB PAGES that Sell?

While it sure feels good to get a top ranking and pull in lots of targeted free traffic from Google – I can tell you it feels even better when your high ranking web page is doing it’s job and is selling stuff so that you’re making money from the traffic!

It’s all about ACTIONS! People taking action is what makes us money –  which is far more important than simply being popular, right?

Do your web pages effectively help your visitors find stuff they want and help them make buying decisions? (Read the rest of this entry…)

May 28th by Mike L

Here is a video tour showing the inside of the Blogging Underground Super Affiliate Center

It’s getting closer to the grand opening on April 26, 2011 as the countdown timer of the Blogging Underground home page is telling us! The buzz is increasing!

As of this writing the Countdown to Official Grand Opening on 4-26-11 is 9 days, 18 hours, 33 minutes, 21 seconds

If you haven’t regsitered as a partner/affiliate yet – please do!

We’re having a sales contest that is dropping iPads on the qualifying partners! Simply register to get all the details on the contest and how to qualify for the prizes!

Countdown to Official Grand Opening

Apr 17th by Mike L

    A Very Important Concept