As we saw in the webinar last week we learned that Marketing Automation is the way to make us more money but do less work!

Time is running out on the special prices Seth at Ubot was nice enough to give us on Ubot Studio for the webinar!

> Special Deal on Ubot *INCLUDES 1 Year of Blogging Underground FREE!

Not only are prices the lowest ever on all 3 versions of this awesome bot building software, but if you buy Ubot through my affiliate link I will give you 1 year of Blogging Underground as a bonus! That’s the same full membership that goes for $299. and you get free with any version of Ubot!

These are the lowest prices you will ever find on Ubot! Sorry, but I can’t mention them in the email.


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Also – the webinar replay is up!

It runs 1 hour 49 minutes and is loaded with with cutting edge info on automation and has a link to a free gift bot I compiled that will automatically sign up for free Hot Mail accounts!

Watch the webinar replay to get the secret free gift bot!

Automation is the future and with Ubot you have the tools to do it all yourself! Please don’t let this game changing opportunity pass you by!

Watch the webinar replay, check out the special deal on Ubot before it goes away and grab your free gift bot!

> Special Deal on Ubot *INCLUDES 1 Year of Blogging Underground FREE!

My bonus makes grabbing Ubot Studio a no brainer! Go get it while the prices are so low!

Best wishes for your automated marketing success!

Feb 25th by Mike L

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