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Hi, this is Mike Liebner and I would like to thank all those that attended my special live webinar event on March 13, 2014 where I explained in great detail the strategy that is working right now for Blogging Underground members to grab top rankings and free traffic by building tightly themed websites that target big money keywords.

The webinar was great – over 2 hours long and filled with solid content!



It’s remarkably easy to build sites and get on top if you can avoid making the common mistakes that most webmasters are making these days, and work in some of the new techniques that Google is looking for.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this special 1 hour webinar event!

Click HERE for the webinar replay

I’ll also show you how to avoid the common mistakes that webmasters are making that bring down sites and kill any chance of ranking on top.

You may be shocked at what “little things” that many people are doing on their sites and in their linking that kill any chances of ranking high.

Here are the steps and techniques that I will be covering:

– Picking the best keywords to target for a site
– Buying the best domain names
– Web Hosting Selection and Setup
– Creating your first web page and getting your site online
– Getting links to your new site so it gets indexed and starts gaining authority
– Evaluating the strength of your new site
– Adding a WordPress Blog or CMS
– Setting Up Your New Site and Adding Content
– Getting Links for your new content
– Analyzing Rankings and Refining Keyword Targets
– Setting up the Social Signals you need
– Keeping Your Site & Links Fresh

If you want to use a winning strategy to get top rankings you must attend the live 1 hour webinar event!

Oh and I will also open up the webinar to your questions plus if you have a web site you would like me to do an evaluation of I can scan it and make comments and suggestions. But only do this if you are not afraid to hear some brutal and realistic criticism as almost every site I look at for members has areas that can be improved!

The webinar was great – over 2 hours long and filled with solid content! 

Click HERE for the webinar replay

Have a great day and be sure to get out there and start building some money making websites!

Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

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